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What oil for a noisy Fan?

  wee eddie 10:56 09 Sep 2014

Obviously a noisy fan suggests that all is not well, but many people suggest that a little TLC can work wonders.

I have not yet confirmed that it is the CPU Fan rather than the PSU Fan. If it is the latter I will change the whole Unit.

If it's still noisy after administration of the oil, I'll replace it.

  amonra 12:29 09 Sep 2014

I use an old syringe filled with sewing machine oil. Talk nicely to your doctor/nurse and they will usually oblige when you explain what you want it for. As jock1e said earlier, there is normally a sticky label over the front of the fan, just peel back and "inject" !

  Aitchbee 12:39 09 Sep 2014

Aldi or Lidl were selling a 3M Precision Oil Pen (12ml) for £3 a while back, I'm sure they will be on sale again soon.

  • here's what it says on the package:-

" ... high-quality low-viscosity oil with PTFE technology."

" ... particularly suited for oiling ball bearings. ..."

" ... the highperformance oil with PTFE particles has very good flow properties and thus runs on the points to be lubricated more smoothly than common household oils."

I haven't tried it yet, but it certainly looks exactly what you might be lookin' for.

click here

  lotvic 13:25 09 Sep 2014

You could use the syringe and needle from a cheapie Printer ink cartridge refill kit.

  SparkyJack 13:40 09 Sep 2014

The label on the fan hub,peeled back reveals a 'well' into which a mere drip of oil is dropped and label replaced.

Which oil, as mentioned 3in1,sewing m/c,

Many years ago a 'Tiny' owner ( remember them?) Had same proplem,the engineer called' went out to his vehicle and came back with the engine dip stick held in a rag and applied the magic drip. Don't use WD40 however, it dries out will make this NHS worse.

  BT 07:36 10 Sep 2014

No need for syringes. The amount of oil needed is minute so a cocktail stick/toothpick will hold more than enough, you don't want to overdo it.

  wee eddie 08:19 10 Sep 2014

Identified that the main source of noise is the PSU Fan. There are some considerable voltages in that box(very few amps though, I believe), so am wary about taking it apart to oil the fan. Any thoughts and advice welcome on that one.

While I was in there I gave it a wee clean (not much dust) and put a drip of oil on the CPU Fan. However, when I stripped back the cover, it disintegrated. I was going to put a little Sellotape in place of the cover, but then decided to put everything back, sans cover, and ask here as to what is the best course of action.

  SparkyJack 08:41 10 Sep 2014

Withe mains disconnected from the machine,and let it wait a while,any capacitance would have drained away.

The fan cover is printed foil, so a disc of foil secured with a mere smear of impact adhesive on the edge should serve.

  wee eddie 14:20 10 Sep 2014

Called in the Cavalry as stopping the PSU Fan only reduced the noise.

Turned out that the main source of noise was the Graphics Card Fan. Lots of tiny screws, some 3 in 1, a dab of Arctic Silver and all is well with the world.

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