what is the official invalid email address?

  wlwhyte 18:31 27 Jan 2017

I have a membership database with emails, and use mass emailing. Many of my customers do not have internet and never will have. I want to populate the email data element with an officially-recognised invalid email, so that should it be used inadvertently, the ISP and other web intermediaries will automatically ignore it. Is there a standard email address, like [email protected] ???

  Secret-Squirrel 18:40 27 Jan 2017

...... an officially-recognised invalid email,............

Such a thing doesn't exist.

If you really must add an email address for customers that don't have one (and I can't understand why you would) then you could use a spare one of yours if you have one.

  Burn-it 19:49 27 Jan 2017

Use one you know that is generated by you and tell your internal mail server to not send mail to that address.

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