What is OEM ?

  dagbladet 09:39 13 Oct 2003

I often see the term "OEM" used in relation to software. The "OEM" software generally looks to be cheaper as well. What does it mean ?

  [DELETED] 09:49 13 Oct 2003

e.g. usually sold to suppliers of PC systems software comes without all the flashy trapping the retail pack comes with. This way the likes of Tiny/time offer 25 sets of software where all you get is the disc and small amount of paperwork.

For hardware usually means you get the item, brown box, software disc and little else as it is assumed you know how to install component.

Yes OEM usually lot cheaper than retail versions, lets face iot most of bin all the fancy trapping bits anyway and most manuals are on-line or via disc these days rather than in book form.

  [DELETED] 09:55 13 Oct 2003

OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Basically it's for sale to system assemblers (normally those who do it professionally, but these days also to anybody who wants it).

The rules for software (but they differ for different products) are normally that yu have to buy it along with a "significant" item of hardware. The rules are more often honoured in the breach than the observance.

You will certainly get less packaging, and in many cases less support - not that that will normally be a problem.

In a very few cases (not with Windows) you may get a different or cut down version of the software.

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