what is normal temp for processor &m/b

  Seth Haniel 13:46 14 Oct 2008

mine shows 54 degree C processor
55 degree C for mainboard
and 48 degree C for hard disk
fan speed 799 rpm

is this about right??

  Stuartli 15:19 14 Oct 2008

It's presumably an AMD CPU?

My AMD Athlon XP 3200+ runs at around 57-59 degrees C with the CPU cooling fan on its lowest setting, the motherboard at approximately 43-44 degrees C and a WD 320GB Caviar SE hard drive at 27 degrees C.

Check that none of your cooling fans (including case fans) are not blocked or covered in dust and that there is a good flow of air through the case.

  Seth Haniel 08:07 15 Oct 2008

one point the processor went up to 67 and the fan kicked in at 3000 rpm and brought it back to mid fifties - seems to stay about 55 degree C - left both cd rom drives open for added vent.

  kalignorgna 08:49 15 Oct 2008

my sugestion is to go into BIOS and see if this is before or affter the computer being on for a wile.

the CPU is far to high at 54c the threshold for CPU's is 60c and if all is well a CPU will run between 26-40c (40c being quite high still)

55c for mainboard = way 2 high should be around 26c on normal boards but on boards like the asus striker 2 extreme the north and south bridge are 47c from start up

48c for hard disk = a temp this high can dammage your hard drive most are around 20c and only get's this high if 1: not enough cooling for computer (fans not working properly) and 2: the hdd is faulty

fan speed 799 rpm = dependent on HDD type as different makes and manufacturers have different speeds

  Seth Haniel 14:02 15 Oct 2008

results weere using PC Wizard 2008 - using Winbond W83627THF -
Mode = ISA Q-fan/Smartfan = enabled
Chassis intrusion = yes

processor fan = 799 rpm
processor temp = 54 degree C
mainboard temp = 55 degree C
Processor : Thermal Diode
Hard Disk monitoring S.M.A.R.T
Hard Disk C: = 48 Degree C
Hard Disk F: = 50 Degree C

and during one task processor went up to 67 Degree C and the fan kicked in at 3000 rpm bringing it back down -

  Stuartli 18:22 15 Oct 2008

AMD CPUs generally run hotter than those of Intel.

60 degrees C is not "the threshold" for my Athlon XP 3200+ - the Bios is set to shut it down if the temperature reaches 70 degrees C as a sensible precaution, but this particular CPU's limit is 85 degrees C.

Quite often in summer it has peaked at 67-69 degrees C, but there have been no ill effects during its near four-year lifespan in my system.

Another point is that sensors are not necessarily truly accurate reporters of temperatures - it depends on where they are sited.

However, I would agree that the motherboard and hard drive temperatures seem somewhat high in Seth Haniel's case.

Incidentally (though I'm not sure, without checking, if it's my current system or the previous one), the Bios reporting of temperatures is/was able to provide an "open" case and "enclosed" case reading.

  [email protected] 20:11 15 Oct 2008

what are the components? this is quite important. my amd is twice the temp of my intel, my samsung drives are half the (reported) temps of wdc, my msi motherboard is less than a third of my asus temp both in antec 1200 cases, different components very different temps.

  woodchip 20:18 15 Oct 2008

As above I set mine to warn at 70c

  Stuartli 21:15 15 Oct 2008

I also have an MSI board (KT6V), which is at 47 degrees C at present (117 degrees F) and the CPU at 60-61 degrees C (apart from surfing, my Twinhan PCI Freeview TV card is also in use).

The sensor is the same as that in Seth Haniel's system.

By the way, England are 3-1 up and Gerrard has just hit the post...:-)

  citadel 22:16 15 Oct 2008

you should have a fan in the front of the case to draw cool air in and one at the rear to expel hot air, this keeps all the components cooler.

  MarvintheAndroid 22:57 15 Oct 2008

You don't say what processor you are running. Socket 939 and AM2 processors will run a lot (e.g. 15-20 deg) cooler if you enable Cool'N'Quiet in BIOS, and set your power management settings to "minimal power management". My AMD64 3800+ runs at around 23-26 deg idle, but jumps to around 45-55 under load (CPU diode temp).

My system temperatures were considerably improved by installing a side case fan pointing straight down onto the passive Northbridge cooler.

All my fans are extremely quiet and set for "silent" running between 800 - 1200 rpm.


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