What is the normal maximum length for an IDE cable

  wint 16:13 29 Jun 2003

To make my PC a bit quieter, I am contemplating taking my 2 hard drives out of the tower (which sits on my desk) and putting them in external caddies under the desk.

I already have one disk in the tower in a removable caddy which adds to the noise as there are 2 extra fans there.

I don't want to go to the hassle and expense of replacing all the fans and adding insulation etc.

My question is, what is the maximum length of IDE cable I can use without any problems - assuming I can buy longer cables!

  woodchip 16:28 29 Jun 2003

18 inches, but you will get better results with 80wire eide cables

  DieSse 16:30 29 Jun 2003

18 inches is the standard maximum length. You can buy longer, and they may work OK (18=good, 20=bad is unlikely!) - but not too long, clearly.

Also bear in mind that a PC case is reletively well shielded - having cables come outside the ase may worsen matters.

  Megatyte 16:44 29 Jun 2003

Seems to be a bit of a grey area. Convention states(as woodchip said) 18", but -..

"Stonewall's 40 pin / 40 conductor IDE cables are available in both standard and custom lengths. Our custom length IDE cables are built with connectors spaced exactly as you want them. We also offer IDE with Cable Select, IDE extension cables, and Male/Male IDE configurations. We guarantee performance at a maximum length of 48 inches."

from click here

I'd be inclined to stick to 18"


  -pops- 16:50 29 Jun 2003

Be careful IDE or even EIDE cables aren't intended for life outside their case and the insulation on them is thin and quite liable to be easily worn. Also the connections to the plugs aren't very strong either (because normally they don't need to be). I would suggest if you really want to do this, use round EIDE cables. At least then you get a substantial insulator on them but it does nothing for the delicate nature of the connectors.

  Megatyte 16:52 29 Jun 2003

Especially at Stonewalls' prices! I've just been back in and had a look. {:-o


  jazzypop 17:18 29 Jun 2003

If you have USB2, you can buy an external case that will contain an 'EIDE to USB2' converter - the maximum useful length of a USB2 cable is much greater than 18".

Last time I looked, dabs.com sold them, as will many other suppliers. Just search Google for USB drive caddy.

  ton 17:52 29 Jun 2003

How about putting the tower under the desk?

Mine is under the desk and I very rarely hear any sound at all from my Western Digital Caviar drives.

Or are your drives particulaly noisy? If so, they are very cheap to buy now.

  Megatyte 18:15 29 Jun 2003

I suspect that the noise emanates from the fans rather rather than the drives. Moving the drives from the case, in my opinion, will only serve to increase drive noise, as you are removing them from an enclosure which provides a certain degree of sound insulation.


  Chegs ? 19:50 29 Jun 2003

If your still wanting to use external drives,then how about a changeover to Serial ATA,these use much thinner cables(look a bit like Round IDE)and I seem to remember reading something about the cables can be upto 1m.

  woodchip 20:13 29 Jun 2003

Where have you been, I was just thinking where you had got to this morning. What?s with the question mark unless it?s because I am on Opera and it see?s it different

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