What no 'POST'

  Mr. Chips 08:41 15 Nov 2006

Have I bitten more than I can chew?

I have purchased the below-mentioned bits to make up my dream PC.
(I already have a decent IDE DVD re- writer, keyboard, mouse and LCD monitor)..

I installed the motherboard, Processor, fan, 2 x RAM, Graphics card, keyboard and mouse and then connected the power block(24) onto the motherboard. I left off all other connectors.
I can ‘see’ 12volts and 5volts on one of the IDE power connectors (no load conditions)

I expected, on power-up, to get a POST screen up on the VDU.
The VDU does initially show ‘sleeping’ and blanks after a few seconds. … but no POST

Should I see POST automatically, or do I have to do something to invoke it?

Thanks in advance

P.S. connecting SATA HDD’s did not change the situation (but then I didn’t expect it to)

CASE & PSU : Sonata II Super Mini Tower with 450W Smart Power Supply ATX
MOTHERBOARD: DP965LTCK ATX P965 LGA775 Core 2 Duo 1066FSB DDR2 10/100/1000 LAN Audio Firewire
PROCESSOR: Intel Pentium 4 915 Dual Core 2.8GHz LGA775 2Mb x2 Cache 800MHz FSB
COOLING : Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Socket 775 CPU
RAM x2 : 1GB 240Pin 667 DDR2 PC5400 RAM DIMM .
GRAPHICS BOARD : Novatech 7300LE 128mb Support up to 256MB DVI, VGA, S-Video
HDD 1 : Maxtor DiamondMax 10 SATAII 250GB 16Mb Cache Hard Disk Drive 9.0ms 7200rpm –
HDD 2 : Maxtor DiamondMax Plus11 SATA NCQ 400Gb 16Mb Cache Hard Disk Drive 9.0ms 7200rpm - OEM Lead Free

  xania 08:51 15 Nov 2006

NO POST then something is wrong. Take off everything except one stick of RAM and your video and see what happens. If still nothing, make sure that you have both the main and the motherboard power connectors plugged in correctly. click here for a trouble shooter for power-up on this motherboard.

  cream. 09:14 15 Nov 2006

" connected the power block(24) onto the motherboard. I left off all other connectors."

You have connected both power blocks to the motherboard, haven't you? It needs the 24 and 4 blocks to fire up the system.

  Mr. Chips 09:19 15 Nov 2006

Thanks Xania.

I did as you suggested, followed the Intel link, for which thank you, and had no luck, even after removing the batttery for 15 minutes.

Do you have a suggestion as to where to go from here?

I suppose it all comes down to substituting the graphics card to see if that is faulty (best option to go wrong, I suppose).

  Mr. Chips 09:22 15 Nov 2006

Yes Percy .... I did put in both blocks ... thanks

  xania 09:01 16 Nov 2006

If you mean what I think you mean by <I can ‘see’ 12volts and 5volts on one of the IDE power connectors (no load conditions)> then we can assume the PSU is OK. I assume all the fans are spinning OK. Doubt its down to the Video card - you should get to the POST before that's spotted, and then you would get a series of short beeps. I assume that you've connected up the speaker.

What about the motherboard itself. Have you installed it on the posts provided? Make sure that its not shorted out against the box itself.

Finally check that RAM - according to click here, may not be supported on your MOBO.

  Mr. Chips 09:26 16 Nov 2006

xania ... thanks again.
I purchased the goods from Novatech. I used their Instant Messaging service to tell them I had no POST. They responded immediately, and via a number of tests we found that the 4 pin connector near the processor was showing no volts.
They are sending me a cheap PSU to make sure that this is indeed the only problem.
You can’t ask for better service than that … I am most impressed .

I will keep this thread ‘open’ and let you know how things progress.

On another matter, is there a guide on the best sequence to make the bare bones into a working PC?

From getting the HDDs formatted, windows installed, and BIOS updates etc.

  xania 11:17 16 Nov 2006

I'm sure there must be a definitive somewhere, but there are loads of others, including
click here
click here
click here

However, I have my own which goes like this:

Install hardware
Boot up and check BIOS
Partition Hard Disk
Install OS
Install Firewall/Virus Checker
Set up Internet access
Update OS
Update Firewall/Virus Checker
Register OS
Create first Primary Partition backup
Install all software
Create second Primary Partition backup

Note that BIOS updates don't appear in this list. I don't have a favourite point for this - in fact I tend not to bother until I realsie I need to. If it ain't broke - don't fix it.

  Mr. Chips 12:24 16 Nov 2006

Thanks xania.

... tell me ... do you have wings and a halo?

  xania 20:27 16 Nov 2006

Not quite - still a few more years to go!!

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