What Netbook is best for me

  striker101 22:29 21 Nov 2011

I am looking to buy a netbook. This will be my first laptop/netbook/portable pc and quite frankly I am confused by all the different reviews I find.

The main things I want the device to be able to do is:

  1. Watch movies while travelling to and from work on the train.
  2. Play games if possible - more likely old mmo game "Anarchy Online" so the requirements for it arent huge.
  3. Use Photoshop CS.
  4. Half decent battery life, 3.5 hours minimum

If it can do all these things well then I will be happy. Oh and I dont want to spend a fortune, under £300 would be perfect.

So far I have been looking at the Acer aspire one 722 which looks nice but I am worried about the processor speed at 1.0 GB but 2mb Ram then I also looked at the Samsung which has 1.66 GB processor but 1mb Ram and reviews said that struggles with video :-s

Any advice would be helpfull, especially if anyone already has a Aspire one 722 and can give experience.


  sunnystaines 07:15 22 Nov 2011

they do now have the power to do any more than use as for surfing the net. for more power go for a lappy.

  striker101 14:42 22 Nov 2011

I did look at laptops and they would indeed be a better option, especially with the dvd drive so I can just play my dvd's directly. I think however the size/weight would be prohibitive for my needs unfortunately.

Did more research today and the Asus Eee PC 1215N looks quite good. Bit more money but another option.

Anyone have experience of either the Acer Aspire one 722 or the Asus Eee PC 1215N using them for the kind of things I want?

  Ian in Northampton 17:07 22 Nov 2011

Striker: as sunnystaines said, for anything other than basic office productivity and net surfing applications, a netbook will always struggle. For sure, as a minimum, gaming and watching movies will eat up your battery. And because netbooks typically have only the most basic of graphics capabilities (even though they say they'll play HD movies) they will never be very good at graphics-intensive applications.

The best I can tell you is, I've had experience with an Eee 1001 and an Acer Aspire One D257. The former is a 1GB memory machine but because it's running XP, it runs pretty well. The latter also had 1GB of memory, but it was a W7 machine. Even though it was stripped down, cut-to-the-bone W7 (i.e. Starter) it ran like a 3-legged dog. However, I upgraded the memory to 2GB (there's a thread on it here somewhere) and it now runs much better. But, like I said: I've never tried gaming or watching movies on either, largely because I think they'd likely be rubbish.

To do what you want to do, I think you're looking at a small laptop - and with the graphics capability you'll need for movies and games, it won't come within your £300 budget.

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