What is needed to set up wireless with an old PC

  JChristopher1 12:21 24 Nov 2009

I've been struggling with dial-up for ages, not wanting to sign up for BBand until I was certain I wouldn't have to move house. I'm now going to sign up with Post Office broadband, and they supply a modem with the standard deal I'm going for.

Initially I'll connect up with ethernet cable as the PC is close-isn the the phone socket but after Xmas I need to move the PC upstairs and get set up wirelessly.

I'm not entirely sure what I need to do this. Will any type of wireless router be OK ? (eg this cheap one from Dabs:

click here )

How will I be able to check that the wireless router I buy is compatible with the Post Office modem ? Ideally in advance of signing up for the deal ... I'll look a bit stupid if I move the PC and can't connect to broadband ...

Also, my PC is quite old and doesn't have a wireless card in it. It is possible I get get a USB wireless adaptor so that the PC and wireless router will be able to communicate OK ?

Thanks for your help, John.

  JChristopher1 12:28 24 Nov 2009

Is the link below the type of USB adaptor I need ?

click here


  Jollyjohn 12:38 24 Nov 2009


I would go for something like this click here if the link doesnt work it is item no 190351383380 on ebay.

This would ensure the router and the usb wireless adapter are compatible.

  ambra4 12:40 24 Nov 2009

Yes, that will work just set to Wireless B/G not N as the router is a G type only

  JChristopher1 12:55 24 Nov 2009

Great - thanks folks, that's what I needed to hear.

Thanks for your help,
Cheers, John

  KK1234 15:27 24 Nov 2009


I had the same problem with an old computer(well two actually)

I had to buy ethernet cards, see linl to example below

Dead easy to install, look on YOUTUBE iof you aren't sure how to do it .. if I can, anybody can

I even made myself a DIY earthing strap, to go around my wrist. Static electriciaty inside a computer isn't too good

Regards !

click here

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