What is my largest compatable laptop HDD??

  Ma6ician 16:11 28 Mar 2009

Hi,I have a HP 6720S with 160Gb HDD and 2x1Gb of RAM from new.I want to upgrade to a min 320/500Gb 7200 RPM and 4Gb RAM.I have see many drives for sale like the (Model: WD3200BJKT)Western Digital 320 GB, SATA 3 Gb/s, 16 MB Cache, 7200 RPM.Before buying I conatcted HP Tech services.In one mail they said I could install a 320Gb drive but Id need an update patch as the maximum supported was a 250Gb 5400 RPM HDD.And I was sent this link .> click here When I queried this asking if this was a list of upgrades or MAXIMUMS? I got a mail saying anything above quoted would NOT be seen or usable.So just what is the maximum I can use? and IF it is the 250Gb whats the problem with having a 7200 v 5400?..As for the RAM I previously tried 2x2Gb of (DDR2 667 MHz) SODIMM,upon boot the system saw it and asked to "Save" by pressing F1, it then booted to "Windows Error Recovery" I tried all the available options then swopped back the RAM n booted fine.It IS correct rating etc.I was told by Manufacterur to Flash the BIOS and even HP Tech sent me a link to download and advised its safe,yet Ive seen on here its potentially dangerous. So who's right ??Thanx in advance Phil.

  user8 17:20 28 Mar 2009

You could just use an external HDD via USB and not have to change any settings.

  Ma6ician 17:47 28 Mar 2009

Hi and thanks, but I am quite aware I could use an external HDD.I want to use an internal HDD and then install the original 160Gb HDD into a caddy and use this as an external drive via USB.Thanks anyway.

  MAJ 18:15 28 Mar 2009

You should be able to upgrade the hard drive without any problems, Ma6ician, I have upgraded a few older model HP/Compaqs in the past with larger and faster drives. As for the memory, try this. click here Again, you shouldn't need to flash the BIOS, which, as you say, can be dangerous if the process is interrupted by a powercut for example.

  rickf 20:03 28 Mar 2009

You may alraedy know this. If it's Vista 32 bit, it can only utilise up to 3gb Ram. If that is the case then just buy a 2gb to go with your 1gb.

  Ma6ician 20:27 28 Mar 2009

Hi, yes I do know that on my version Vista Home Basic 32 bit that it may only utilise 3-3.5Gb even if 4Gb was installed.But I thought they had to be matched pairs to attain max speed?.Or are we saying a 2+1 GB would work just as well provided they were both DDR2 PC2-5300 / DDR2 PC2-6400? and so therefore speeds being matched if not actual size in Gb??......Still require advice re the HDD situation...Thanks Phil

  Ma6ician 15:01 29 Mar 2009

Thanks to MAJ, but you didn't say what youd upgraded from? and to?.Ie it could have been from an 80Gb to a 250Gb and so still within HPs quoted range. just really want to know am I safe to go ahead and buy a 320/500Gb 7200 HDD with no compatability issues...Thanks again Phil.

  Ma6ician 22:05 29 Mar 2009

Hi,Anyone with anymore advice on this?, only I am watching a new HDD auction that runs out tomorrow,so some speedy advice/help would be appreciated. Many thanks Phil.

  AL47 22:41 29 Mar 2009

i can oly speak for my laptop

it came with an 80GB 5400rpm

its now got a 320gb 5400rpm in th cd drive space and a 200gb 7200rpm as the primary, im fairly sure it can take 500gb but they werent out whe i got those

  Ma6ician 13:50 30 Mar 2009

Hi and thanks AL47.I have seen so many of these HDD available for sale and all saying that they will fit/be compatible that it shouldn't be a problem. But when the guys from HP Tech services give advice,you'd THINK they should know what they're talking about!.I begin to wonder if it was more about me buying an original 250Gb HP Product??.I will leave this another few hours then bite the bullet and just buy one and close this thread.Still happy for input though. Ma6ician

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