What motherboard should i get

  Wizz198303 23:58 04 Jan 2005

Hi, iv already got a computer system but was interested in upgrading. I heard about these new graphics cards that will need "pci express slots" to fit into, only the older motherboards dont have these in em. So i just needed some recommendations on which to buy, and if their AMD apliant.

The system i have is about a year old so dont wish to buy a whole new system.

  Quintus 00:21 05 Jan 2005

If you were willing to upgrade your processor to an AMD 64 I would recommend an MSI board. They have never failed me in the past. I'm going to be building a new system myself and I'm going for the K8N Neo4 Platinum. For more information on this board click here . If you're planning on using two PCI-E cards together using SLI there are two MSI boards that support it: K8N SLI Platinum and the K8N Diamond. I'm not sure, but I might have heard that the K8N Diamond is unstable, but you'll have to check that one out yourself. I think you can find these boards all at Komplett for reasonable prices. Another thing to note is that some PCI-E graphics cards need to be plugged into the power supply. I'm have a little trouble finding out information on this :-\ Anyway, I hope I've been able to help.



  Wizz198303 03:47 20 Jan 2005

Thanks for your response im thinking of the platinum motherboard but i noticed theres different versions k8n 1-4 Nforce.

  goonerbill © ® 10:19 20 Jan 2005

i would get a new mobo with the nforce4 chipset, in a recent mobo test they outperformed all other chipsets by a fair bit.

my personnal choice would be one of these

nforce4 socket 939 click here click here

nforce3 socket 754 click here click here

  goonerbill © ® 10:21 20 Jan 2005

sorry. ignore nforce3 boards. forgot you wanted SLI

  Wizz198303 23:05 20 Jan 2005

So what motherboard would be the best SLI or the one Goonerbill mentioned??

Also the system i have is only a year old, i wont have any hardware problems would i???

  2neat 23:26 20 Jan 2005

1 yr old is a bit soon for upgrading. Did u buy a too low spec pc? Abit make good boards.
I have a Radeon 9800 pro. You will find these cards drop in price as sli takes off. It all depends how much dosh u wana throw at your upgrade.

  Wizz198303 23:34 20 Jan 2005

hmmm yeah probably a good idea to wait i suppose. Been looking around and it all seems a little too expensive.

Might just upgrade on the ram instead.

  goonerbill © ® 11:39 21 Jan 2005

yes, it is a bit expensive to upgrade to socket939 sli at the moment. for mobo, cpu and graphics card you looking at around £350+ - a few quid. i would give it 3 months and look again at prices and hopefully prices would have dropped to make it worth while upgrading.

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