What motherboard

  [DELETED] 10:33 30 Jul 2003

I have a p4 2.53 cpu with 512 ddr 333 on a gigabyte 8pe 667 board.
Keeping the same cpu would a intel 875 board give me a great deal more performance or should i change to amd with an n force 2 board ie msi k7n2ilsr. I do alot of video and audio editing and stability,reliability and performance are very important to me.

  [DELETED] 10:41 30 Jul 2003

Changing your motherboard at best will give you a marginal performance gain (and could be worse) - there just isn't that much difference in motherboards.

Good graphics and audio facilities are more necessary fot the type of work you do.

I've just changed to an intel 865 board (with a P4 2.4 /533 FSB)- but not for performance reasons - for future expansion, and extra facilities (6xUSB2 + Firewire + AGP 8x + I don't know what else)

  [DELETED] 10:57 30 Jul 2003

editing.. I would keep what you have, double your ram, and get some bigger hard drives. Maybe an SCSI drive and a controller card or something. That will make your system much better.

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