What Monitor cable for different resolutions?

  dms_05 15:37 12 Nov 2009

I have a a couple of LCD screens and need to buy a cable for one. However after I've tried a few spare cables I find they give very variable maximum resolutions.

I have one that works with my 1920*1080 screen. It also works with a 1280*768 screen. But all the others give much lower maximum resolutions. So how do I know which to buy for the 1280*768 screen?

  woodchip 15:47 12 Nov 2009

as far as i know cables have nothing to do with resolution and you should be able to get all what your graphics supports

  woodchip 15:49 12 Nov 2009

PS LCD monitors have there own Native Resolution that can only be set to what the monitor supports. this again as nothing to do with the cable

  dms_05 15:59 12 Nov 2009

It's really odd as depending upon which cable I attach to the monitors they claim to only offer a certain resolution. I know the 1280*768 screen will work at that resolution because it does so with the cable from the 1920*1080 screen. However if I use one of the other cables I can only get 1028*800 and yet another only gives 800*600 whilst a third cable offers 640*480. I've tried all combinations and they stay constant on both screens.

  dms_05 16:09 12 Nov 2009

The cable that gives the maximum resolution has all pins in place whereas the others have one pin omitted. Looking at the cable configuration the missing pin seems to be Ground so that shouldn't make a difference as the cable/socket have Ground in place when connected.

  dms_05 20:48 12 Nov 2009


  gigagiggles 02:53 13 Nov 2009


perhaps you should specify the type of "plug" that is at either end of said cables. then there is the available outlet plug from the video card as well as the available inlet plug on the lcd screens.

at the higher rez, you have hdmi (with audio) and dvi (no audio). at the lower rez, you have svga and vga.

actual rez will be the lowest component's maximum capability, be it card, cable or screen.

  dms_05 07:43 13 Nov 2009

Sorry but I should have said - it's all standard 15 pin SVGA type connections found on any computer and monitor.

The 15 pin cables that work fully all have the full 15 pin configuration whereas the others have only 14 of the 15 pins (which seems a fairly common arrangement missing out the redundant 'Ground').

I do note that people sell more expensive cables for 1920*1080 (which happens to be FULL HDTV standard) for connecting a computer to a large screen through the PC and TV SVGA connection.

I'm just confused why different cables of apparently similar quality produce very different results that are often well below the maximum obtainable from the graphics card and the maximum resolution of the screen.

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