What model have I purchased? Laptop

  sean-278262 23:56 25 Apr 2005

I bought a laptop on ebay and I have to say that it looks impressive. I am thinking I will want to track a battery down for it but the problem is the seller does not know the model. He knows its an evesham one but hoping someone here can help me to find out the model or a compatable battery.

Brand: Evesham
Condition: Refurbished
Processor Speed:2.53 GHz Chip Type: Intel Pentium 4
Hard Drive: 60 GB
Memory (RAM): 512 MB
Screen Size: 15 inches Primary Drive: DVD+/-RW
Features: 10/100 LAN Card, Firewire, Modem,Operating System, USB

click here

That is the image. Paid 378 for it in the end including insured shipping to ireland.

All I am after is what the model is, I will happily do the looking myself after that. But if people know a cheap source, or better still have one on offer I would gladly look into it.

Thanks for the help

  timeteam2004 00:17 26 Apr 2005

click here Looks like the Voyager model. I know this is not a P4 but it looks similar.

  Belatucadrus 02:03 26 Apr 2005

click here Try absolute, they don't list Evesham laptops as such, but if you give them the reference ID number from the old battery they'll quote for a new one.

  sean-278262 22:50 04 May 2005

It arrived safe and sound, unlucky for me that the battery holds no charge at all, and that the DVDrw is actually a CDrw so I have complained to the guy about these points.

So while he decides what to do I am now forced to look for a battery that holds at least 15 minutes of charge as the current one doesnt even last a few seconds when the chord is removed. I have ascertained it is a Mitac 8640 battery in the machine and can see that the cost of a new one is really higher than I need to pay for my needs, all I reqquire is that it last 15 mins or so to go from one power socket to the next. Does anyone know where I can get a second hand one cheaply as I will never use a new one to its full potential and seems pointless to pay over £100 for something I dont need.

Any help in tracking down a working one is appreciated.

  Technotiger 22:55 04 May 2005

Hi, If it works ok on the mains, why bother with a battery - unless you want to use it on the move or away from the mains.?

Or am I missing something here?


  josie mayhem 23:32 04 May 2005

have a search of google, there are companies out there who can refurbish batteries. Might be a cheaper option if you can do with out the batery for a bit?

  spuds 23:47 04 May 2005

For batteries, try click here They have just changed their website, so you may need to telephone for a price.Service, delivery and aftercare very good.

  sean-278262 00:10 05 May 2005

"Hi, If it works ok on the mains, why bother with a battery - unless you want to use it on the move or away from the mains.?

Or am I missing something here? "

I do move about so thats why I want a battery that lasts about 15 mins min, its the time it takes to move from one spot to the next safely, or to plug out and shut down before putting in the car.

  Technotiger 14:03 05 May 2005

Me again - sorry, I still don't understand - you do not need a battery in it in order to move it - only if you are actually using it on the move, in a train for instance. If using it on the mains indoors, then just shut down as normal, unplug and move to new location. If it works off your car battery, then just plug it in and then reboot.


  Technotiger 14:15 05 May 2005

ps - and it does not matter how long between unplugging indoors and then perhaps plugging into car. It can be days or even weeks - unless it is physically dropped, no harm will come to it.

  sean-278262 17:30 05 May 2005

Its is still you, I move from power point to power point, I would rather not power down each time so 15 minutes of life is all I need to go from point A to point B. I dont need a battery that lasts 2hrs as I never go anywhere with the machine to need it to last that long. All I want is a second hand battery that lasts abount 15 minutes or more so I can go from one plug socket to the next without powering down the machine each time. This is because the battery on this machine holds NO charge at all so I need one that lasts 15 or so minutes.

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