what mode Sata or IDE

  Desperate-Dan 18:02 04 Mar 2008

I installed a new sata hdd, every thing works fine but I've been told Unless I set the SATA drive to RAID in the system BIOS, I won't be running in SATA mode; I'll be running in IDE mode. is this true? when I installed the sata hdd, winxp didn't ask for sata drivers every thing went fine and as I say my system is working fine, but in sata mode it would be a little faster is that right?
mobo Asus M2V-MX

  Totally-braindead 19:12 04 Mar 2008

This is your board click here and as far as I know you do not need to alter anything, RAID uses 2 identical hard drives together and I see no reason that installing RAID would make any difference at all, RAID has nothing to do with the speed of the drives, the motherboard will have correctly identified the drive.

I think either you got the wrong end of the stick or whoever told you this was blethering.

What he might have meant, and you perhaps picked up wrong is, if you have 2 identical SATA drives and set them up on RAID 0 which is called striping it means windows will treat the 2 drives as one large one but because you are two seperate cables it can get the info off the drives faster than off a single drive.

Disadvantage of RAID 0 is if either drive fails you lose everything as half the programs on one drive and the other half is on the other drive. But it is faster.

  Desperate-Dan 19:40 04 Mar 2008

I appreciate that, this is what got me thinking

Unless you set the SATA drive to RAID in the system BIOS, you won't be running in SATA mode; you'll be running in IDE mode. You can set the BIOS to RAID without actually setting up a RAID array, but you can't get SATA without setting the BIOS to RAID.

In order to use the SATA speed of the drive, you need to set the BIOS to RAID. Once you set the BIOS to RAID, the XP installation won't recognize the drive unless you in install the driver very early in the process after you boot from the XP CD; you need to hit F6 early on in the install process to add SCSI or other drivers so that you can use the floppy to install your SATA drivers.

click here


  I am Spartacus 19:43 04 Mar 2008

You can run SATA drives in an IDE 'emulation' mode configured in the BIOS. The native mode is AHCI click here and you would need to load drivers for this to avoid BSOD when installing XP if AHCI has been enabled in the BIOS (been there, done that). I noticed no detectable speed improvement using AHCI over IDE emulation but there probably is one.

Using IDE emulation means you don't need to load special drivers when installing Windows XP. The drivers to enable AHCI/SATA are usually (in ASUS case) supplied with the RAID drivers but you don't need to enable RAID to use them.

Vista has native support for this and doesn't need special drivers to be loaded when installing the OS.

  Totally-braindead 19:48 04 Mar 2008

"Unless you set the SATA drive to RAID in the system BIOS, you won't be running in SATA mode; you'll be running in IDE mode"

Are you sure of this? I really don't see what RAID has to do with it whether its IDE or SATA. RAID is for running 2 identical drives in either striping or mirroring or whatever. I don't see why it would slow things down at all.

I have the ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe and in the ADVANCED section of the BIOS there is an option to enable or disable SATA DMA transfer and SATA 2 DMA transfer. Now I can see how having that disabled could slow the drives down but not anything to do with the RAID.

I might be wrong here but I cannot see this at all. Some wrong settings could lower the speed of the SATA but not RAID.

  Desperate-Dan 22:22 04 Mar 2008

Totally-braindead I don't know to much about sata drives, I got all this info from click here

  Desperate-Dan 10:27 05 Mar 2008

thanks for all your help and time

  Totally-braindead 23:47 05 Mar 2008

Yes I see the bit where the guy mentions that if you do not enable RAID the SATA drives will work at IDE speeds.

I still don't see why this would be the case. RAID is for two identical drives and as long as the SATA is enabled in the BIOS why on earth would it only run at IDE speeds?

He might be right but I've never heard of this.

Perhaps you could try an email to ASUS and ask them.

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