What MOBO's do Evesham "Evolution" series use?

  tony777 23:25 25 Feb 2003

I am thinking of getting a PC from here, but what I need to know is: what kind of motherboards do they use for their top end Evolution models? click here for the model in question, along with the “spec” (can’t see the MOBO!) Reason I ask this, is because if I ordered a Evolution 2800GF48 Etc, COULD I, at a later date, put a 3.06 gig chip in if I wanted the benefits of HT (hyperthreading)?.

I know these chips are still expensive, but computers being computers...they will come down, eventually. My main point is: should I wait for prices to drop on the Intel 3.06 gig - so that I will be getting HT technology anyway?. I would like to hear from anyone here who has an Evesham evolution (high-end model) and tell me what Motherboards they entail.

The following boards are required for HT:

Intel chipsets that support 533 MHz FSB:
* 845PE
* 845GE
* 845GV
* 845E, 850E
* 845G "B-1 Stepping"; ("A-1 Stepping" does not support Hyper-Threading)
4. A MB that has BIOS that allows for enabling or disabling the use of Hyper-Threading.

Do Evesham use any of these boards on there "sub" 3.06 machines? (IE:, a “non” HT chip) and if not, that would, effectively mean a new Mobo replacement in the future should I require this HT technology. I have a Packard Bell Pentium II 400 (100 MHz Fsb), and can’t go higher that a 550 processor (if you could get hold of the chip in the first place). I don’t want to make the same mistake again by paying £1600+ for a PC that will require a new Mobo if I wish to take it higher (3.06/3.2 etc)



  -pops- 05:57 26 Feb 2003

The definitive answer to this would be obtained by asking Evesham themselves.

They are normally very helpful, especially if there is a prospective sale involved.


  powerless 06:20 26 Feb 2003

Similiar question a few days/weeks back - As -pops- says best to ask evesham themselves, phone is more better than email ;-)

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