what is microsoft Access

  Rocker 21:16 07 Nov 2003

hi my son come home from school today with some he had to do useing microsoft Access but i dont no anything about it is microsoft Access a part of microsoft office as i have office 97 but cant find it on my pc anywere. if it is a extra program where can i buy a cheep copy. meany thanks

  woodchip 21:21 07 Nov 2003

It's a Database

  woodchip 21:23 07 Nov 2003

You should be able to buy the student version of Office with Access

  A_World_Maker 21:26 07 Nov 2003

If you have Office 97, it would depend on the version you have, 'Professional' has Access as part of the suite, whereas 'Standard' doesn't. Even if you do have Professional, you may not have selected it to be installed, when you installed the suite.

  powerless 21:27 07 Nov 2003
  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:28 07 Nov 2003

A Microsoft software product that is primarily a data management tool (database software). Access has tools to enter, edit, and index data and to retrieve it via custom forms and reports. It also contains Visual Basic for Applications .


  interzone55 21:29 07 Nov 2003

Access is the database part of Microsoft Office, it is a very powerful program and Microsoft do not supply it with standard versions of Office, it only comes with Professional editions, therefore it is not cheap. Office Professional is about ?300.

If you search online you may be able to find "standalone" versions that are about ?99.

Sorry about that.

btw Access doesn't come in the Student & Teacher version, so ignore the posting above.

  graham√ 21:36 07 Nov 2003

I have Office 97 Professional, it has Access but you have to buy a seperate licence for it to run. As above, it's not cheap, so I'm suprised the school requires it to be available at home.

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