What is MAPI32.dll and where does it go?

  Damarc 16:56 17 Mar 2013

I've tried to upgrade my MSOfficePro 2003 to MS Home and Student Office 2010. All seems ok except for Outlook where it says that MAPI32.dll is corrupt or the wrong version and to reinstall Office. I don't want to go all through it again. Is there a way of finding this file and putting it where it is supposed to be. I've still got Office 2003 on my old pc.

  Chronos the 2nd 17:00 17 Mar 2013
  alB* 17:05 17 Mar 2013

Possible Fix ...alB

  lotvic 17:14 17 Mar 2013

You have tried to upgrade a Professional office product with a Home and Student version. I don't think that you can do that successfully.

MS Home and Student Office 2010 does not come with Outlook.

  Damarc 10:43 18 Mar 2013

Is this free software or do I have to pay for it. Have gone through the detection scan and then it asks me to register. Not sure whether I have to pay to continue with sorting it out or whether the payment required is for a superior version?

  lotvic 11:12 18 Mar 2013

Damarc is what? free software? MS Office is not free, it's quite expensive.

Where did you get the software from? It may be that you have downloaded a trial version that will stop working after about 60 days if you don't pay for it.

Please explain what you are meaning.

  Damarc 19:32 01 Apr 2013

Sorry I was referring to aIB's 'fix' link. It detected umpteen issues but then asked me to register before they could be fixed. I couldn't see whether I had to pay for this software or not. So have given up on Outlook and downloaded Thunderbird. Not a patch on Outlook but as you say MS Office is very expensive. I still have the original MS Office Pro 2003 disks but am hesitant about reinstalling the whole suite just in case I muck things up even further and end up not being able to do ppt which is very important to me. Also I assume that there would be hundreds of updates if I did reinstall 2003.

  woodchip 19:54 01 Apr 2013

Mapi32 is for your Mail Address Book

  woodchip 19:56 01 Apr 2013

Mapi32 is for your Mail Address Book.

Can you extract it from the Office CD Rom

  Damarc 18:42 12 Apr 2013

I got mapi32.dll from my desktop pc's Office Pro 2003, put it on a memory stick but don't know where to put it to rectify Outlook. Everything else is working ok.

  woodchip 16:38 13 Apr 2013

it goes in the C:\Windows\System32 Folder where all Dll's go

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