What makes your computer music louder - Speakers or Audio Card

  Audio~~Chip 11:10 23 Nov 2011


I currently have a onboard Realtek HD Audio Chip and use Logitech X-230 2.1 speakers.

I find most of the time when watching online music or non music videos (not porn) to be lacking in volume though CD's & CD Music saved to file to be fine.

does a Dedicated Audio Card or better Speakers give more sound ?

Thanks for any advice and for calling in!

  northumbria61 12:24 23 Nov 2011

Does a Dedicated Audio Card or better Speakers give more sound ?

There are arguments for and against - enter link description here

I have on-board sound with Logitech Z-2200 and large sub-woofer and the sound in my opinion is excellent (the volume is never turned up more than 25% or I would wake the neighbours) I see no need to purchase a separate sound card.

  northumbria61 12:28 23 Nov 2011

Download and Install the latest Codecs Pack from here to see if that makes any difference - if not you need to alter your settings via Sound in Control Panel or check your speaker connections/wiring etc.

enter link description here

  northumbria61 12:38 23 Nov 2011

Just had a look at your speakers online - total output is 32watt so that should be ample for your needs. You could try updating your on-board sound driver but you would have to choose carefully (ie:correct driver) or you could end up with no sound - I have heard of people updating via Device Manager and then not being able to "roll back"

  Audio~~Chip 14:03 23 Nov 2011

Yes thanks Northumbria61 ! Will have a look at the link and check out for any updated audio driver. I know from experience the Windows update offering mucks up the driver and I had to roll back earlier in the year. My speakers are in excellent condition clean and fairly dust free no stuttering.

I use to have a Creative Sound Blaster card in my old machine that was the dogs goolies but too much software like Sound editing etc.

  wee eddie 15:03 23 Nov 2011

You may find that you are not using "all" your Volume Controls to their full capacity.

1 on the Speakers, 1 on your Desktop and 1 on the Control Panel.

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