What Makes a Good Good Optical Drive ?

  Giggle n' Bits 13:46 25 Feb 2006

Are all DVD Drives and Dedicated CD Wtrs any different in performance are are they the same.

Last time I built a machine I have matched a DVD Drive with a separate CD Wtr. From time to time I see the odd review (Scarce nowadays) who makes a better CD Wtr and who makes a Dvd Drive better than manufacturer x etc.

In the past I have used Asus drives, never found any problems with them, why are plextor so more expensive ?

Any pointers welcome please.

  Giggle n' Bits 14:46 25 Feb 2006

Interesting no drives better others.

If anyone can tell me the reason why Plextor drives are so cheap would be interesting prefable with a reason why there drives if better are better.

Ok, Lite-on & Sony by name to me are a reliable brand I also have heard people say Lit-on are acutally Pioneer or is it Plextor rebadged ?

Asus also are actually Pioneer or Plextor carn't remember.

More calls welcome and thanks to imput so far !

interesting subject.

  Stuartli 19:33 25 Feb 2006

Most of the optical drives on the market are rebadged products from specialists such as Plextor - in fact the rebraded product is often cheaper...

I had a TDK Vortex 12x24x10 that was a rebadged Plextor of the same model number, whilst my current TDI CyClone is a rebadged Samsung (the original Samsung was the first drive at the time to make the step up to 24x write speed with CD-Rs).

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