what laptop should i get for gaming?

  adamandkate 06:25 23 Dec 2011

Im looking at a new gaming laptop. Im looking for something that will be suitable for 2/3 years (ie a laptop that in 3 years time will still run most new releases even if its minimum graphics etc).

My budget is about £1000 and i dont need an OS.

Im thinking about this one (but im open to other ideas)


with the ram increased to 16gb 1333 or 8gb 1600 (which is best)

my concern is that its a 2.2ghz laptop... arent there games already that reccomend higher? eg crysis 2 wants 2.66GHz Core 2 Duo. Would it be worth increasing to the i7 quad core 2.2ghz.

Im totally out of the hardware loop. I used to understand it when you needed a 486 or a 233mhz. but theres so many variables now!

thanks for the advice.

  difarn 07:54 23 Dec 2011

I am no expert at gaming but this article has a good review, although be prepared to spend twice your budget for a high-end spec.

However, I do know "gamers" who have bought laptops for this purpose and who have regretted it because there isn't the flexibility to upgrade laptops that you get with a desktop PC.

  adamandkate 21:01 23 Dec 2011

thanks for the help but that advice is like 5 years old! gaming laptops have come on a long way in 5 years

  chub_tor 12:31 24 Dec 2011

Latest reviews a USA site but you can pick out the best and then see if it is available in the UK

  difarn 13:29 24 Dec 2011

I do realise that laptops have come a long way in 5 years - I have 3 of them - and I did say that it was comments from "gamers" I was passing on. I also provided you with a link of high spec suitable gaming laptops.

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