What laptop should I buy for University?

  jcaldwell 19:42 07 Aug 2018

So I am going to Univserity in September this year, and I would like to purchase a laptop. I'll be studying Computer Sciences, and through this, and my own attempts to learn programming, and other aspects of IT, I will be needing to run a lot of various programs and code.

I already have a gaming PC that I am taking, so I will be fine with that. I am looking for a laptop with a good display (15 inches at least, and good quality), will obviously run well, and is not completely overkill. I am not too bothered on it being touch screen, and a tablet with it's own pen etc, since I don't feel that it would make a huge difference for me.

Without trying to sound too spoilt, my Dad is willing to buy me a laptop that's >£2000. However, it really has to be worth the value. I really don't feel like I will need anything near that, and I really don't want to take the piss, so I am aiming for a price around £1000, maybe a little over, potentially a little under. I do understand computer specs well in general and in a gaming sense; however I really want to make sure I don't go overkill on this, and ensure the laptop proves sufficient.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:22 07 Aug 2018

Contact your university I'm sure they will tell you what you need.

  Menzie 20:43 07 Aug 2018

For programming you'll need something quick to compile and potentially run virtual machines with lots of grunt so aim for a modern i7 with at least 16GB of RAM.

You'll need storage to save all your files and I'd recommend having either a large flash drive or external hard drive to save backups of your file externally too.

You also have to factor in the software needed for your course. Some universities give this to you as part of the course, others a discount and some you have to source it yourself. Be sure to find out which and factor in this cost.

Your university might have a shop that sells laptops (mine did), usually these are priced well and configured for the classes. It might be worth seeing if yours offers such a service.

  secook 07:08 08 Aug 2018

If possible you should first go through the curriculum of your course, and then as per requirement look for laptops which meet your need.

  oftmarshall678 07:25 08 Aug 2018

I agree with most of the replies. Ask about your curriculum first to determine the specs you actually need. It's hard to just buy a high-performance computer but isn't tailored for programming, for example.

  Forum Editor 09:21 08 Aug 2018

I appreciate your concern about not wanting to make too serious a dent in your father's wallet, but....

I urge you to avoid the temptation to buy a machine,simply because of its price, that might lead to regrets later.

Something like this would sail through anything your course involves, and would continue to serve you well after you graduate. That's an important factor, because jobs for computer science graduates do not grow on trees (there will be lots of competition), and it might be a while before you get your first company laptop.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:31 08 Aug 2018

and get an external drive to do daily backups on so you don't lose your work.

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