What laptop should I buy

  Harryboy127 18:47 17 Nov 2014

Which one should I get An i5 4210u 8gb ram gt 840m or do I spend 50 pounds more to get the i7 4510u 8gb ram gt 840m and its there a lot in terms of gaming performance or fps

  northumbria61 05:43 18 Nov 2014

Posting links to laptops you are considering so others can see full specs may help you further.

  chub_tor 08:47 18 Nov 2014

If you start chasing specs you will never buy a laptop, there is always one with better graphics, better processor, extra features and then there is the "shall I wait for Windows 10?"

What you have to sit down and do is decide what you want from a laptop. Light weight? DVD? Long battery life? Size of screen? Touch or non touch? Play Games? Store lots of pictures or music files? Process video? Operating system, Windows 7, 8 Apple? How much can you afford? Only you can decide how important these things are. When you know what you want the computer to do for you then you will know which one to buy.

I have helped two people recently who asked the same question. One a young teacher who needed to carry her laptop around all day and together we chose the new Lenovo Yoga. If money was no object she would have had the Mnew Microsoft Surface. The second was an OAP with poor eyesight and hand/eye co-ordination who needed a replacement for an XP machine. We selected a 17" Windows 7 Asus.

When you have decided what you want to do with your new computer we can recommend some laptops that will do it in different price ranges.

  sunnystaines 14:50 18 Nov 2014

bought this last week from JL after continued problems with my samsung

click here please with it, its fast, no minus points yet.


  sunnystaines 14:52 18 Nov 2014

not sure about gaming it has got onboard graphics I am not a gamer.

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