What Laptop ?

  JohnnyBoy 13:11 16 Feb 2003

Doing a bit of webtrawling for my brother who wanted an in-car dvd player..till I suggested a laptop for about the same money with far more to do than just watch DVD's !!

He's looking to spend around £800 and most important to him is the sound/Picture quality for DVD playback (Obviously)..what sort of spec should he (I)!! be looking for and any suggestions greatly received.

Thanks in advance


  duplo 13:17 16 Feb 2003

For in car use? He will need a decend set of audio outputs to wire up to the cars sound system. Even the best laptop speakers would get overshadowed by the road noise.

Headphones would be the best idea if the in car DVD was for kids or passengers. If thats the case... most modern laptops will do the job.

At that price your looking at a 1.2 celeron from Dell. Other manufactures may be cheaper or offer more power. But Dell is good and 1.2Ghz is fine for DVD playback.

Main issue will be screen size!

  JohnnyBoy 13:29 16 Feb 2003

Yes, it will be mainly for the kids/passengers..not really looking for headphone use..just utilising the onboard soundcard/internsal speaker..looking for around 14" screen size I suppose...

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