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What KVM switch do I need?

  Anon-2412759 11:20 10 Jan 2020

I have a gaming laptop and a general use PC, both windows (8 and 10 respectively) I'm looking for the KVM configuration I would need to enable them to share monitor, keyboard and mouse. Laptop has HDMI and USB connections,the PC USB and VGA. Any suggestions please?

  Anon-518149 11:09 11 Jan 2020

Take you pick from these

  Anon-2412759 11:20 11 Jan 2020

Hi Hastelloy, thanks for the reply. Given that the only connection from the PC to monitor though is VGA, am I right to assume that whichever KVM switch I choose will need to have a VGA connection as well as USB? Cheers

  Anon-518149 09:39 12 Jan 2020

You'd need 2 USBs plus a VGA an HDMI. I might be wrong but I don't think any KVM switch has that combination so you would need one of these

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