What is the item called?

  peterleemaxwell 13:52 11 Sep 2014

I have a cable router in the house but my shed is about 100 foot away from this down the garden. I need broadband down there. I suppose there could be a couple of ways to do it. I have mains in the shed. What do I need to obtain my signal down there. What is the name of the item I need to purchase? Many thanks for any replies.

  peterleemaxwell 15:17 11 Sep 2014

Thanks Lazarus The 2nd. Appreciated.

  wee eddie 15:43 11 Sep 2014

It's worth paying a little extra for the Pass Through variety.

That way you can plug your Router into the Homeplug which is plugged into the wall. Do not try to use the Homeplug on an Extension Lead.

  peterleemaxwell 19:45 11 Sep 2014

Thanks wee eddie for the tip and advice. Many thanks.

  BT 08:06 12 Sep 2014

I believe the Homeplugs will only work if they are plugged into the same ringmain. Can't you use wireless?

  john bunyan 08:26 12 Sep 2014

Have a read here.

Other thread

  spuds 09:53 12 Sep 2014

There are a number of ways of doing this, but it would all depend on your electrical wiring, 'power' of the router, obstructions and the like.

For surety the direct cable from router to shed, would be one of the best methods, but getting a 100'00" plus cable might be another issue.

I haven't looked, but I find that Kitz is a very good site for getting information on this type of issue or broadband question www.kitz.co.uk

  spuds 09:55 12 Sep 2014

The link didn't come out right, try this click here

  BT 12:39 12 Sep 2014

Lots of long distance solutions here


including very long Ethernet cables

  wee eddie 13:09 12 Sep 2014

BT's query:

As far as I know ~ so long as your power supply comes in through a single Fuse Box, all is well. Although I am not quite sure why as I, initially, believed the logic of the Single Ring argument.

  peterleemaxwell 15:54 12 Sep 2014

Thanks to everyone who has advised me and given me plenty of options. Very best wishes to you.

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