What is it with the PCA site?

  TonyV 18:45 02 Oct 2012

The site seems to load in a very strange way and it always now spits and starts and jumps all over the place.

I have a iMAC with Mountain Lion and Safari 6.0.1. No matter what I do, it never seems smooth in its operation.

It works, but I get giddly trying to see where the pages are going to with their jumping up and down. Is it because of the various adverts or is there something more fundamental to the/my problem?



  finerty 19:02 02 Oct 2012

yesterday i noticed it was running very slow and when i tried to login it would'nt and kept on stalling until my 3rd attempt

  wee eddie 19:03 02 Oct 2012

I think that you're going to have to get an Ad-Blocker. There are plenty of free ones out there.

I needed one as my Connection is too slow for all the Mega Bucks Adverts that are now being used, which is a pity because they are defeating their raison d'être.

  finerty 19:03 02 Oct 2012

on top of that when i tried to post error came up and ages to post something. but odly today its speeded up.

  Woolwell 19:03 02 Oct 2012

The same sort of thing tends to happen with Safari on the iPad. I think that it is down to the way that the ads load and you have to wait until they all appear before the page settles down. Having said that it is better than it was a few months ago.

  wee eddie 19:08 02 Oct 2012

It has occurred to me that the reason for the slow running, that has been bugging the Site lately, could be being caused by a number of people accessing the PCA Site on their Smart Phones.

Where-as, previously, they would have waited until they got home and used their PC or laptop!

  wee eddie 19:10 02 Oct 2012

See my 7.03 posting ----- For Mega Bucks read Mega Bites

  TonyV 19:13 02 Oct 2012

Woolwell, Finerty and Wee Eddie.

I have to say it is certainly not very slick yet on every other site I visit it is very quick and smooth. I have a reasonable connection and overall do not do too badly, but this site is beginning to drive me nuts!

Now with these inane bars at the top and bottom of the screen they seem to move up and down and I end up with 3 or 4 of the Red Bar in the screen. What is the point? It is almost the same as the black bar on the top screen so why go to all the effort to essentially duplicate the thing just you can save a milli second by not traversing up the page!!



  TonyV 19:13 02 Oct 2012

Wee Eddie, I think you were right first time!!


  onthelimit1 19:16 02 Oct 2012

Hmm. I have no problems on a PC with IE9 or Chrome.

  Woolwell 19:27 02 Oct 2012

Wee Eddie - the mobile version of the site is accessed on smart phones which as far as I can tell is different.

TonyV - I get the bar moving and blocking text on Chrome on my desktop when I start typing in the response box. Safari on my desktop is ok but on my desktop I do have anti-banner ad running.

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