What is it with Nero?

  Ray5776 22:29 01 Jun 2006

Hi everyone,
Nero is supposed to be good software, I had version 5 years ago and was not that keen on it.
Thought I would give Ver 7 a go but had lots of trouble as did other members of this forum.
Now bought Ver6 to try on members advice, It seems almost impossible to remove earlier versions, they do not show in Add/Remove Progs but in Search there are appx 150 Nero related files.
I have deleted thes and ran regscrub XP.
Re-boot and all appears fine, so now I install Nero6 and test by copying a DVD which appears to be quick and OK.
When I try to play it , it says I have no sound card.
So does any other propgram I choose to use (No audio device)
Looked in Dev Man no yellows, tried re-install sound card driver (driver OK)
I do a Restore from yesterday and all is fine again but obviously Nero wont work.

Anyone got some ideas on this please

  Roadgiant 23:02 01 Jun 2006

Here's a link to a removal tool for Nero

click here

I had problems with the latest version of Nero 6 ( and DVD Shrink so had to go back to, heres a link to that version

nero version updates:
Package 1
click here

Package 2
click here

  Ray5776 23:15 01 Jun 2006

Thankyou for the first link, I have tried this earlier and still fail to see why one should have to do this in order to uninstall something.
It did not work in my case anyway but thankyou for your suggestion.


  Stuartli 23:27 01 Jun 2006

I've always used Nero 5, 5.5 and 6) and find it does exactly what it says on the tin...:-)

  jimv7 08:33 02 Jun 2006

Download the nero 6 and 7 clean tools from

click here

run 6 first then 7.

I am also using nero 7 but with the update to nero 7.12, it works great.

  Freddog™ 09:14 02 Jun 2006

I've foun Nero 7 fine. I have Premium, it's great, does exactly what 6 does and more!

  Ray5776 18:19 02 Jun 2006

Hello everyone,
Thank you for the links and your general comments on Nero.
Most likely my fault but cannot understand why "No sound card found"
Apart from this it looks a very good program.
I will persevere and most likely get it up and working, as I do with most things thanks to a lot of help from this forum.
The "General Cleaner" does not appear to have got rid of my original Nero installation but it has got rid of all my restore points on both HDD`s so watch out for that if anyone else is thinking of using it.
I will physicaly remove my back up HDD (caddy) before continuing.

Thanks again for your potings.


  Ray5776 19:02 02 Jun 2006

Ok, try again.
Nero7/Nero StartSmart/Copy DVD/Copy
"Please insert the original disk"
"Required source disk CD"
It` a DVD I want to copy not a CD.

Lets try again with a CD
"Please insert original disk"
"Required source drive (Empty)"

Have 2 DVD/CD drives, get the same message with either.



  jimv7 19:21 02 Jun 2006

Read my earlier post and download both nero 6 and 7 remover, run 6 first then 7 and not the general clean tool.

click here

  Ray5776 19:39 02 Jun 2006

thanks jim, I will give that a go but the site recommened the general cleaner.

Lets use a bit of logic here

A/ Nero does not work (Extremelly unlikely)

B/ I am too stupid to use it (Quite likely)

C/ There is another issue involved like a conflict with another program. (Possible)

Place your VOTES now A B or C.

or offer advice.


  jimv7 19:45 02 Jun 2006

A, nero 7.12 works extremely well on my puter.

B, Its easy to use.

C, that i can't answer unless you have other writing software installed as in roxio, and incd from nero, they have been known to cause conflicts.

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