What it it with TalkTalk?

  SparkyJack 15:13 11 Nov 2011

I am asking the following on behalf of one of my 'Flock' I guess it could also in Consumer or a discussion point in Speakers corner. I have frequently sent mail to this individual- got no response-and when seen - he will respond- that he had not received such a mail. Having sent him a link to a particular site early in the week - When I saw him on a trip yesterday- I asked - 'Did you get it' Nope he replied. Went road to his house this morning to have a look see. His account is TalkTalk- and sure enough no sign of the mail or any other recent though there was one I sent last week.

I did notice however that all the mail in the box had come in by G mail -not Talk Talk I am wondering therefore is this of possible significance? I have asked him to check his SPAM box/settings so far no response. Any thoughtsd?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:34 11 Nov 2011

Check he has actually got his talk talk email settings as one of the accounts in his email program.

  lotvic 15:57 11 Nov 2011

As per Fruit Bat /\0/\ says.

I take it he is collecting in a mail client on his pc only from Gmail server. He obviously hasn't got his webmail server settings right for Gmail to collect his talktalk emails and/or his talktalk webmail server settings to forward to Gmail.

Therefore the talktalk email never ends up on the Gmail server for him to collect and he is not collecting separately.

I think it would be easier if you got his Gmail address and used that instead of his talktalk address if it is a problem to get him to do as Fruit Bat /\0/\ says.

(I think your thread title is a bit unfair on talktalk....)

  SparkyJack 20:02 11 Nov 2011

Lotvic I agree after I sent the post and spotted my typing error I also thought= yes npt really TT more his machine setting - but what.? He is strictly Web mail user to his TT account There is not E clent operating. The Gmail address he assures me appeared with the tt mail it in not something he has set up. But what ever that may be - He is not getting my mail vis TT except the one mentioned. Strange.

  SparkyJack 08:26 12 Nov 2011

Murego Wrote I think it is despicable that you should have to avoid loading programs by default

Ah yes a possibility to consider, though how one goes about checking and 'unticking' what. where is a puzzlement..

On a slightly off thread note, where I have another thread running with TinyURL no longer working for me,[The links turn out to be 'not found'] I am beginning to wonder if it is some change I may have inadvertently 'authorised' Indeed I think I did see one of those 'gone in a flash' messages- too quick to take in.

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