What interenet connection do I need?

  hiwatt 10:01 10 Apr 2008

Hi folks,I've been given a computer that someone was throwing out.It's a packard bell imedia 5067.The socket where you connect your modem is a different size to what's on my current computer.I'm with virgin media and use their modem.Any ideas what fitting I need to connect this to the interenet?Thanks.

  bremner 10:07 10 Apr 2008

It would seem you are trying to plug and ethernet connection from your modem into a modem connection on your computer.

click here does not state that the computer has an ethernet port.

You could try two things.

1. Fit an ethernet PCI Network card such as click here

2. You could use a USB to ethernet adapter - if you have sufficient USB connections. click here

  hiwatt 10:20 10 Apr 2008

Ah.Thanks very much.

  hiwatt 11:48 10 Apr 2008

I'm trying to restore this computer to factory settings using smart restore but the icon it tells me to click on isn't there.I'd basically like to clear everything of the former owner.Would I be better off reformating it and if so what is the best way to do it?Thanks.

  Terry Brown 11:58 10 Apr 2008

I'm surprised the previous owner did not wipe the hard drive, I would.
I would suggest a format to get a clean machine and start from there.

You possibly have the BT socket (RJ11), you may be able to get an adapter, but bremmers solution is much better.

  hiwatt 12:27 10 Apr 2008

I've never done a reformat.How would I do it and can I do it without the windows discs?P.s the previous owner's a family friend and it was just her kid that used it.I don't think she would know how to wipe it anyway.

  hiwatt 12:30 10 Apr 2008

I've just realised I wont be able to do a complete reformat without the discs.A restore to factory settings should be good enough.It's saying I can do this by tapping f11,but it's not working with my keyboard.I'll try it with the computers original keyboard later.Thanks.

  bremner 14:08 10 Apr 2008

Once you have restored to factory settings run Eraser click here over the unallocated disk space of the drive. This will wipe all traces of the previous owners files.

  hiwatt 16:39 23 Apr 2008

Hi folks,I've reinstalled windows on this computer.I'm with virgin media and I've got a cable that connects to the usb socket on the cable modem then to a usb socket on the computer but it's not recognising it?Ive went into internet connections and made sure everything's set as it should be(as per my own computer)but it's still saying no internet connection when I try to connect to the internet or look in network connections.Any ideas how to get connected to the internet please?Thanks.

  Terry Brown 20:49 23 Apr 2008

First. Check the Virgin Modem , the online light should be steady, and the activity flashing. If this is not happening you need to contact Virgin.

Have you obtained an Ethernet card , try this from Ebay click here
as your motherboard may not be configured for Broadband only dialup.

  hiwatt 10:12 24 Apr 2008

The virgin modem is working ok with my own computer.The computer I'm trying to connect with is quite old(imedia 5067)and hasn't got an ethernet connection.I thought I could connect it to my modem with a usb lead.(My brothers old computer's works with this)?Thanks.

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