What Infrared device do I have?

  Pier1 17:32 10 Apr 2003

Can anyone suggest a way of finding out what the make and model of my Infrared Port are?

It's built into a Hitachi M 134T notebook, Pentium I, 133MHz.

Any ideas? I need to know so I can find a driver and install it.

  spikeychris 19:19 10 Apr 2003

Have you been in system and checked device manager. More than likely it will say standard infrared port, if so Windows should assign a driver.


  Pier1 19:24 10 Apr 2003

No it's not in Device Manager, that's why I need to install it...

I tried installing a generic driver included in Win98SE, but didn't work.

  Pier1 13:30 11 Apr 2003


  Pier1 18:18 11 Apr 2003


  Pier1 21:05 11 Apr 2003


  ged11 00:11 12 Apr 2003

Have you gone into the BIOS and enabled the infra red port first?

  Pier1 11:03 12 Apr 2003

No, I don't know anything about that. Please explain...

  ged11 12:16 12 Apr 2003

Infra ports seem to be disabled as default in BIOS so you'll have to go into your BIOS and set an IRQ/ + I/O address for the port just like for any other port such as parallel etc. How you do this is unfortunately specific to your particular BIOS.

Don't know how much you know about BIOS so:
1)for most modern motherboards you hit <F2> on bootup to enter BIOS
2)You need to look for an option for "I/O configuration" or "COM PORTS" which should allow you to set either the infra red port to AUTO or pick a particular IRQ setting for it.Once this is done the port is enabled on BIOS
3)When you restart WIN 98 it should automatically detect new hardware i.e the IR port and try to find the most appropriate driver for it. Hopefully if you can't get the original IR port driver the generic windows driver should work for it. If not check your motherboards website for a driver update for the IR port

Hope this helps

  Pier1 12:41 12 Apr 2003

I think you might be right. Serial 1 port could be set to COM or Infrared in my BIOS, and it was set to COM.

I've changed it, but I need to reformat before I know if it's worked, since I've ****ed the system up by installing other IR drivers. I'll get back to you tomorrow

Thanks for now

  Pier1 02:37 14 Apr 2003

Problem solved, thanks.

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