What IDE configuration?

  andysills 08:40 01 Apr 2003

A couple of qu's which I hope someone can help me with!:

Is an 80 pin IDE cable compatible with both ATA133 and ATA100 ? (I ordered an ATA133 cable from e-buyer and they sent me one marked ATA 100 on the packet)

2. I am upgrading my machine and I have an 80GB HDD and a 40GB HDD, a DVD writer and a CD writer to connect.

I'm not sure what the advantages of setting a device as a MASTER or SLAVE.

Im thinking of putting the 80gb as Primary master with the 40gb drive as primary slave and the DVD writer as Secondary master and the CD writer as secondary slave.

Finally - does it matter which connector on the IDE ribbon MASTER and SLAVE is connected to?

Any help on any of the above is much appreciated!


  moore_mat 09:25 01 Apr 2003


1/ If it's an 80 pin ribbon then yes. You can tell if you compare it to say the one on your cd drive, the 80 pin ribbon will look 'finer'.

2/ The normal way is to have the hard drives on the primary channel and the removable on the secondary. Within these; the faster, and most used drives should be the master.
Therefore, your suggestion would be the best all rounder.

Finally, no, it shouldn't really affect performance if you use differnet connectors for slave and master, but if you have blue connector on your HDD cable, it MUST go onto the mobo.

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  DieSse 09:29 01 Apr 2003

An 80-wire cable is for everything ATA66 and above.

Convention says - 80Gb Prim -mast .... 40Gb -Prim-slave ...CD-RW -Sec-mast ... DVDorCD - Se-slave. other configurations will function, however.

If you explicitly set the jumpers to Master/Slave, it does not matter on which of the two drive connectors they go. If you use Cable Select (on the 80-wire cable only) - then the end drive becomes the master, and the drive on the centre connection the slave.

Note, you must connect the 80 wire cable the correct way round for it to work - ie - the end marked motherboard to the motherboard. There is a signalling wire in the cable which will not work unless you do.

  andysills 10:44 01 Apr 2003

Moore_mat and DieSse,

Thanks very much for the help and info. I really appreciate the repies. My head scratching late late night has been solved. I'll plug it all together tonight.



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