What I think is a RAM problem, help please

  Smog4Life 14:10 15 Apr 2017

I will admit it is my fault. Basically, the family desktop was running slow so I thought it may have been a RAM issue. So I opened the computer up so I could find out what RAM is compatible and which to buy. Anyway long story short once I put everything back and turned it on, it would power up, give 4 beeps and stay powered up but there is only a black screen. After looking it up i found it is a RAM problem so I changed the Ram around to try and find out if it was put in wrong or if one wasn't working but it still won't work, anyone got any ideas? Btw the computer is an Acer aspire m3685

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:08 15 Apr 2017

Remove the memory and refit one at a time. If you have two different coloured slots ensure memory goes into slots of the same colour. ensure memory is fully inserted in the slots and the clips engage fully.

  rickf 15:58 15 Apr 2017

Unless you have shorted one or both ram sticks during removal or reinserting.

  Smog4Life 16:02 15 Apr 2017

Thanks i will try it and get back if it doesn't work.

  Smog4Life 16:34 17 Apr 2017

Ok, I tried taking one and both out and have even bought a brand new stick from amazon which i know is compatible, but it still isnt working, anymore ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:54 17 Apr 2017

Make and model of PC?

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