What is this horrible noise my laptop started?!

  cgfw201 22:04 30 Sep 2018

Have had an ASUS Zenbook for a couple of months. Use sparingly, only for photo and video editing.

Today it started making this noise. What on earth is it?! Sounds horrendous. Stops when the laptop goes to sleep. Starts up again after a few minutes of use.

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  alanrwood 09:10 01 Oct 2018

Go to Control Panel/Sounds/Recording Tab/Microphone/Listen and untick "Listen to this Device". I thi9nk this sound is caused by the microphone picking up sound and then feeding it to the speakers where it is picked up again. This is called positive fedback.

  cgfw201 10:32 02 Oct 2018

Thanks for the reply. That's not it though. Laptop is silent on start up, the noise kicks off when I start doing something intensive like video editing only. Reckon its the fan or the hard drive??

  onthelimit1 10:41 02 Oct 2018

Don't think HDD - sounds like something rubbing on a cooling fan to me.

  cgfw201 10:46 02 Oct 2018

Ok. Is that easy to inspect? Never opened up a laptop before.

  wee eddie 10:48 02 Oct 2018

That's a failing Fan Motor. A drip of light oil on the rear of it "might" do the trick, but you'll have to open it up to access it and possibly peel back a small cover

  cgfw201 10:51 02 Oct 2018

Is that going to void my warranty? It's only a couple of months old.

  wee eddie 11:41 02 Oct 2018

Yes, do not open it up, you have to report the problem to whoever you bought it from, not the maker, and persuade them to sort it.

Much will depend on the laws of the country in which you bought it.

  cgfw201 11:44 02 Oct 2018

ok. got it from john lewis, they generally just replace stuff no questions asked on the spot so that should be fine.

  wee eddie 12:51 02 Oct 2018

Remember to backup your stuff

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