What The Hell Is cg-global.maxymiser.com????

  Sizzers 10:38 26 May 2012


Not having a rant at you guys, but this is really beginning to P* me off!! On frequent occasions over the past couple of days when I've been trying to connect to a number of web sites (Daily Telegraph and The Guardian being just two examples) they simply won't load. All I get is the message...."Waiting for cg-global.maxymiser.com".

I don't get this all of the time, but it is becoming most of the time. Could some kind person please explain what this is and is there any solution? I use Chrome as my browser.

Many thanks,


  KRONOS the First 10:49 26 May 2012

Check this. Click here,

  Sizzers 11:00 26 May 2012

Hi Chronus, and thanks for your reply.

I had picked that up on google before posting here but I wasn't too sure exactly what it meant. I'm not the brightest spark when it comes to these things, so does it mean that I have to change the proxy settings?


  KRONOS the First 11:34 26 May 2012

Unless you are running everything via a proxy then yes you will need to reset the settings to blank.

  Sizzers 11:47 26 May 2012

Thanks very much Chronus.

Have done everything has instructed and everything seems to be running fine. Just don't understand how/where the problem came from though.

  Sizzers 12:47 26 May 2012

UPDATE: I've since discovered it's a routing problem with Virgin's servers here.

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