What the hell is a Beta release

  special sophie 23:08 10 Jun 2003

Ok someone gave me a beta release of microsoft longhorn which I haven't got to work yet now this disk tells me to go to a site called click here to ge support for this release so I contact these people and I'm told that they know nothing about nothing to say the least they are completely unhelpful in this regard. My questions are is a beta release sent out for testing purposes only, who gets these releases, why have I been given one and am I breaking the law by having it in the first place even though it dosen't bloody work ???????????

Dazed and confused

  spuds 23:16 10 Jun 2003

Possibly the Forum Editor, would be the one to consult on the questions that you have raised.

  VoG™ 23:18 10 Jun 2003

Why you want one is your business.

A beta relerase is a version of software that is unfit for human consumption. However the vendors are prepared to allow guinea pigs to try it out.

You do not need it.

  hugh-265156 23:18 10 Jun 2003

longhorn is the working title of microsofts xp replacement.its not due for quite some time yet and wont even be at the beta stage of testing yet.

i dont know what you have been given but i would not let it anywhere my system.

a beta program is an almost finished product,it may contain a few bugs here and there.some betas you can download for free, some are tested by selected groups the idea being that any bugs you find,you report this to the maker and they sort it out before the final release.

  User-312386 23:18 10 Jun 2003

NO a BETA release is an UNSUPORTED programme/operating system that should be left to QUALIFIED people or people who want to try the new software and they KNOW the risk of using them, which means


  Djohn 23:26 10 Jun 2003

"beta" means first. In relation to software, it is the first working version that is released to test, to find flaws, and for the testers to report back on. j.

  BillEmm 23:29 10 Jun 2003

Longhorn is a future version of Microsoft Windows and a Beta version (Pre-release) would only be given to selected customers who are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement by which they commit to keep secret all they learn about the pre-release software and commit to a predefined testing and reporting programme.

Unless you have been directly and formally contacted by Microsoft for such purpose and agreed to the terms and conditions of the Beta test you would never be given a smell of the software.

Watch out, there's a trickster about.

  special sophie 23:32 10 Jun 2003

no it is longhorn as you will see if you follow the link the only prob is the serial number

  VoG™ 23:35 10 Jun 2003

You are being seriously mislead, special sophie.

  Djohn 23:36 10 Jun 2003

Not sure if this applies to Microsoft software, I bete test for AOL and receive versions of their software either on CD or from d/load.

As each new beta version is released the previous one is rendered obsolete and that may apply with the serial no. you have. j.

  special sophie 23:37 10 Jun 2003

thanks all so really i shouldn't have this should i ? I think it maybe a leaked copy going buy what I have read on the subject so far I already knew what longhorn was and I was interested to see what it was like and I know for a fact through further investigation that there are a number of leaked beta copies floating around various erm naughty sites. Do you think I should report the person in question?

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