what is a HD DVD player ??

  GEEKSTA 21:32 18 Dec 2007

If i buy a 50" 1080p hd tv,
what is a 'hd dvd player'?

does this mean i can play any ordiary dvd on that hd dvd player and the picture will be hd quality or will i have to buy seprate different "hd dvds" ??


  brundle 21:36 18 Dec 2007

Competitor to Blu-Ray click here
You'll need HD DVD discs to make the most of it, standard DVD is 720x500 or so pixel resolution

  Crash 23:28 18 Dec 2007

I wouldn't both with hd-dvd buy a PS3 and go for blu-ray

  FatboySlim71 09:08 19 Dec 2007

I agree with Crash on Blu Ray, it may be cheaper to buy a Playstation 3 than a standalone Blu Ray Player.

I own a PS3 and I have watched some Blu Ray movies and the picture is breath taking, you do need to purchase an high definition lead such as an HDMI to give you the high definition picture.

The Playstation 3 will play dvd discs as well as Blu Ray discs, but it won't play HDDVD.

  GEEKSTA 18:22 20 Dec 2007

any more ideas?

  PA28 23:52 01 Mar 2008

You can play ordinary DVDs and they will be "upscaled" by an ordinary DVD player that is HDTV compliant and connected to the TV by HDMI (High Definition Media Interface) cable - you will notice a significant improvement in quality. However, as others have said, for true High Definition you will require a BluRay player which will play special BluRay disks - however these disks are significantly more expensive at present. A BluRay player is backwards compatible; it will play conventional DVDs as well and upscale their quality, though not to full HD standard.

HDTV - as a disk format rather than as a description - is dead now that Toshiba, one of the main backers and manufacturers, has conceded defeat to the rival BluRay after a majority of the film distributors voted Bluray in preference. Thus a similar battle of the formats to the VHS v Betamax war of the video formats has been avoided - except that this time Sony is on the winning side.

  PA28 11:11 02 Mar 2008

What I meant to write was: "HD-DVD - as a disk format .........." rather than HDTV. Sorry, but you get the gist.

  FatboySlim71 08:30 04 Mar 2008


I wouldn't consider HD-DVD now as there has been a bit of news of late about a lot of shops/content manufacturers chosing not to be involved with HD DVD, and instead favouring the Blu Ray format. The Playstation 3 can play Blu Ray disc's!

click here

  PA28 21:30 06 Mar 2008


I agree - that what I was trying to say in my final paragraph. HD-DVD is dead in the water and Toshiba are clearing out the last of their players at bargain prices, having ceased production. I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole as the media simply won't be available.

An HDMI compliant ordinary DVD player will upscale conventional DVDs and can be had for around £30 upwards. If you want the full works then its a Blu Ray player which will, at the moment, set you back just short of £200 at the bottom of the range - expect prices to plummet when the format becomes established. Or, as you say, go for a Playstation 3!

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