What have I let myself in for? RAID?

  billyliv 19:42 09 Mar 2004

Hi, (Running WIN XP Home Ed.)I wanted to add another 2 hard drives so I bought a dual channel PCI/IDE card. Seems this card has a RAID controller on it which has virtually taken over my machine. At the moment I am stuck on 2 colours, medium 16 bit and highest 32 bit.( A horrible shade of Yukky blue and yukkier Green) Right away I would say that this is a driver problem, but, according to the device manager everything is in order and when I attempt to update the card driver I am told that the best driver is installed. I have searched through the manual but can't find anything in it to put things right. I know I can remove the card and go back to my 2 hard drive system but it would be nice if there was a workaround. Any ideas?
Cheers, Bill

  bremner 20:03 09 Mar 2004

I may be misreading your posting but are you trying to update the Graphics Card drivers or IDE/PCI card driver.

To restore the display settings it has to be the graphics drivers.

  billyliv 20:17 09 Mar 2004

Hi bremner, The Graphics drivers are fine, no problem there. It has something to do with this 'RAID' adapter. Cheers, Bill

  Edstow 20:21 09 Mar 2004

Is your new card near to the graphics card?

Sure you've not disturbed anything on the graphics card (knocked one of the components or something) or moved the seating of the graphics card?

I have several machines with additional PCI/IDE controllers (which I've installed myself) and they don't do the sort of thing you are stating.Are you sure it appears as a RAID controller? These cards are sometimes seen as SCSI by Windows but not RAID as far as I've experienced. Whichever, these controllers don't alter your graphics unless there is something fundamentally wrong with your whole setup.


  bremner 20:29 09 Mar 2004

If you remove the new card do the graphics return to normal?

  billyliv 20:42 09 Mar 2004

Hi, The graphics card is an AGP card held in a retention clip and the PCI/IDE card is 4 PCI slots away.( I am always careful how I handle components and how I place them. I also double check onboard connections). In Device Manager the PCI/IDE card shows as:- ITE IT8212 ATA RAID CONTROLLER. I shall try it in a WIN ME machine tomorrow and let you know what transpires. Right now it is lager time. Cheers, Bill

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