what have i done wrong?

  mclaine 22:00 04 Sep 2003

just installed a cd writer and can't
figure out what i have done wrong
my dvd drive is connected to the
primary ide with it's own cable
and my cd writer is connected to
secondary ide also with it's own
what do i have to do to fix it?

p.s the cd writer is set to slave

cheers chris

  Jester2K II 22:07 04 Sep 2003

You haven't told us the problem!!!!!!!!

If you don't tell us whats happeneing or not happening how can we advise.

So you fitted a CDRW - whats wrong then??

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 22:17 04 Sep 2003

I would have said that the Hard drive isnt connected to any thin lol,also i would set cd/rw to second master on same ide as hard drive and dvd to slave,then try again lol.

  wildrover 22:18 04 Sep 2003

This is guess work given the lack of info, but... Have you set the jumpers to slave and connected the "master" connector on the cable? Try the other connection on the cable.

  Ironman556 22:20 04 Sep 2003

1) Does the light on the front flash (try putting a CD in) If not then you've got no power to the drive. - Check the power connector's in well.

2) You say the drive is on it's own on the secondary IDE? You also say it's Slave. Change the drive to master and make sure it's on the master part of the IDE cable. If you only have one connection on the calbe it'll be a master connection.

  woodchip 22:25 04 Sep 2003

You need your Hard Drive on EIDE 1 on the motherboard on it own as master stick it on the end of the cable. Then put your CDRW and DVD on EIDE 2 CDRW on end of cable as master DVD on centre connector as Slave. Go int BIOS and Auto Detect the drives exit and save settings

  Bodi 22:30 04 Sep 2003

but does this computer boot at all? As  ÑÌÇKÑÂMË has pointed out, unless this is a raid motherboard, where is the hard drive connected to....

Oh dear, it's beginning to sound like the song - Dem bones, Dem bones ---- etc.


  mclaine 22:33 04 Sep 2003

sorry for lack of info

cd writer is not recognised in windows xp
or the bios

the confusion is with the ide cables i think
i connected the supplied ide cable directly
to the secondary ide connector (cd writer)

my dvd look's like it's connected directly to
the primary ide connector but it has a extra ide connector in the middle of the cable

im thinking i should have connected the cd writer
to this connector
i.e daisy chaining?
hope this is better

  Jester2K II 22:35 04 Sep 2003

The MASTER should be on the end connector and the SLAVE on the MIDDLE ONE.

Whats connected to what then?? Hard Drive and CDRW / DVDs

  mclaine 22:49 04 Sep 2003

jester2k ii
my hard drive is connected to the
primary ultra ata 100 ide connector

i think i know what to do now
i will disconnect the ide cable for the cd writer
and connect it to the middle of the ide connector
of my dvd drive making it the slave to the dvd

p.s i am new to computers and have to say
the manual's to my mobo and cd writer
(both asus) are really poor

  Jester2K II 22:52 04 Sep 2003

Ah ASUS.... Never liked 'em...

Yes thats sounds right.

The Hard Dirve should be MASTER and on the END of IDE 1.

The DVD should be MASTER and on the END of IDE 2.

The CDRW should be SLAVE and in the MIDDLE of IDE 2.

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