What has happened to OpenOffice.Org?

  Trouble27 06:57 31 Oct 2011

Does anyone know what has happened to OpenOffice.Org? Is OpenOffice.Org going to re-released anytime soon? If so, when?

  gengiscant 07:25 31 Oct 2011

Is this what you mean? Open Office.

  mooly 07:37 31 Oct 2011

As I understand it the people responsible for OO set up a new offshoot called Libre Office (which I use) http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/digital-source/170560-marantz-sa8001-modification-eliminate-distortion.html#post2254391

Looks and works essentially the same.

This explains it


  mooly 07:39 31 Oct 2011

Don't know what happened to the first link...


  orsta 09:05 31 Oct 2011

There is a statement from the Apache Software Foundation on OO's front page, which might explain things. http://www.openoffice.org/


  sunnystaines 15:20 31 Oct 2011

LibreOffice 3.4.4 RC 1

out today, download from


  bretsky 17:08 31 Oct 2011

I have OO with loads of templates and extensions that I have added. Are they compatible with Libre Office?

bretsky ;0)

  mooly 18:09 31 Oct 2011

I would think they would be compatible.

Libre Office looks and feels the same as OO to use... even the opening menus and screens are the same apart from colour and saying Libre.

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