What has happened with my adobe programmes.

  laptopdunce 23:37 13 Oct 2012

After a full system restore on my Asus wndows vista laptop I have had to re-install the adobe reader programmes, I have installed adobe flash player 11 active X and adobe reader X (10.4.1) BUT the files which open with adobe pdf and previously had the pdf icon on them now dont have any icon on them and when I click on them I get a window saying the file cant be opened. What should I do? is there another adobe programme that I have missed? I think I had an adobe acrobat programme but I cant find a free download for this on the net? is that why the documents dont have the pdf icon on them in my docs. folder? and what should I do?? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  lotvic 23:49 13 Oct 2012

Open Adobe Reader program and in the Options set it as the default program for opening .pdf files

  laptopdunce 00:03 14 Oct 2012

Thanks, how do I open the adobe reader programme? do I click on the icon on the desktop page and then open it from there? will it have a "menu" to show options? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  rdave13 00:10 14 Oct 2012

I don't think Adobe PDF is installed yet. You most probably uninstalled it. Use this

  laptopdunce 00:11 14 Oct 2012

Thanks, I have clicked on the adobe reader icon on the desktop and I cant find anywhere that says "options" there is a tool bar along the top of the Adobe page with edit, file, view, window, help - where do I find the option to set it as the default pdf reader? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 00:25 14 Oct 2012

Rdave, thanks for that link, Yes, it has worked, all the documents in my docs folder that previously had the acrobat adobe icon on them now have this blue and orange icon from FoxIt on them, does this mean that I have uninstalled and deleted the adobe acrobat programme that was preloaded onto this Asus laptop? and its only available now as a paid programme? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  rdave13 00:53 14 Oct 2012

Didn't you use a program called 'decrapifier'? Someone recommended it if I remember rightly. Not a good program to use from Vista upwards I think. Just my humble opinion though. Adobe reader is still free but I think that the other program has messed things a bit. On a new laptop or restored to factory settings lappy, never click on any desktop icons until you go to programs and features and uninstall the crap from there.

  laptopdunce 01:55 14 Oct 2012

I didnt actually use the decrapifier programme on the Asus laptop in the end, I did uninstall most of the programmes by hand and re-installed them so I dont know how I lost the adobe programme that put the white/red acrobat logo on all my pdf documents in my docs folder, I was trying to install all the latest versions and I guess I must have deleted the original acrobat one only to find that when i installed the adobe reader and flash player programme that I didnt/cant get a free adobe acrobat download. I just dont know what I did really, thats why i am a LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 09:32 14 Oct 2012

Is it not possible at all to find an free download "adobe pdf" that will do the same as the foxit reader that Rdave sent me? its weird as I dont think I had adobe pdf pre-installed on my other laptop (the Acer aspire running windows XP) but I have an adobe reader and an Adobe flash player installed on that laptop and it automatically shows documents with the adobe pdf icon on them in my docs folder so that they can be opened straight away as a pdf document (things like postal price brochures etc.,) Obviously I would RATHER have the adobe like it used to be before I made a mess of uninstalling it, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  lotvic 15:09 14 Oct 2012

Adobe Reader X is the latest Free .pdf reader. But if you want to have a previous free version, you can take your pick from the right hand column on filehippo ClickHere

If you find your files are not automatically being associated with the programs that are needed to open them you need to fix your File Associations. Is it just the .pdf's that you are having probs with?

  lotvic 15:40 14 Oct 2012

You could: right click on any pdf file | select open with | Select choose program | select adobe acrobat reader | there is a checkbox under the window that says always use this program to open these files | select ok

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