What has happened to the archives ?

  Tango 03:50 19 Jan 2005

It took a while, but I have isolated the problem to pre-2003 'last addition date' threads.

Why can't I open any archive last dated before 2003 ? When I try, it defaults to a 'front page' with all the source options like Consumerwatch, Helproom etc.

What is the point of taunting us with their possible rich source of information through the search engine by displaying just their titles, but not holding the actual thread on disc to be read ?

I have also noted I cannot get a list of "My Postings" any longer, even though it states I can do so for every posting I have EVER made - I have written to the Ed about this separately - perhaps he does not know about it ? It's a poor show as there is some very useful data in those older threads - not all of us are running XP platforms -or likely to be doing so in my case for quite while - and those years have all the W98 and Me related problems (I have run Me since 2001).

Has anyone else noticed this - I searched on archives, but there are no related threads on this theme (some fall into the pre-2003 category and won't open of course).

  wiz-king 05:57 19 Jan 2005

Yes it is annoying, I have done several seaches and it seem that the results that I want are the ones that are not there, typical!

  swapper 07:53 19 Jan 2005

typical of what wiz-king?
It can't be typical of this Forum because I have found this to be one of the (imho) best "free" sources of advice and help around?

  Forum Editor 08:23 19 Jan 2005

why you can't see your postings Tango - I've just checked, and there appears to be no problem that I can see.

The thread archive had become enormous, and was slowing the site's page loading times considerably, so we pruned it back to the beginning of 2003. This happened quite a long time ago, and was discussed at some length in the forum at the time. We felt that two years was still quite a sizeable archive, considering the enormous number of threads we see here (particularly in the Helproom), and it has certainly helped the servers generate the pages faster.
As I've said before - many times - this is a free forum, and the archive is a free resource. It costs quite a lot of money to run, and we don't have the budget to invest yet more money into even bigger, faster servers - they are pretty expensive bits of kit. I'm so sorry that you think it's a "poor show" - perhaps you would like to check around other free web forums and see if you can find another one that meets your standards a little better?

  GRFT 08:33 19 Jan 2005

That's telling 'em!

  Shas 08:37 19 Jan 2005

I can see what Tango is saying - to see a title describe exactly the problem you are having and then find there's no way to access the answer, can be frustrating. So if the thread is gone, couldn't the title be removed as well?

No criticism intended - just a suggestion :o)

  CurlyWhirly 08:40 19 Jan 2005

I agree with your comments as this is one of the BEST forums on the net in my opinion!
I am GLAD that some of the Archive has been 'pruned' as I was getting fed up before with JRun errors! LOL
Anyway, a 2 year archive database is more than adequate for MOST members and if the answers to a question AREN'T there, the person can always post a new question here where, hopefully, someone will be able to answer it!

  Dennis1 08:48 19 Jan 2005

I agree with what you say,probably the people that solved that same problem are still here, even though they might have grey hair now.lol

  Sapins 09:56 19 Jan 2005

Hi Tango, I had the same problem finding threads, now I just post the question straight away.

Any possibility of getting "out of date" threads of the same theme on a DVD? or is it not worth it or practical?

  Sapins 11:58 19 Jan 2005


  Sapins 14:13 19 Jan 2005


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