what Hardware would be best to share Broadband.

  User-324448 18:42 06 Jun 2006

Hi, I know there will be a few of you out there who can help me to help an 82 year old with his computers.
He has 2 desk top systems and a laptop, the desk tops are only a few feet away from one another and very near to the incoming BT phone line.All are on Windows XP. The laptop needs to be very portable. he has Broad Band with FSNET (Wanadoo) I suggested a wireles system (dont want him tripping up)I think Belkin do a Broadband Modem router which is suitable for a BT line.
My own thoughts are a wireless modem router on the main desk top system and a USB adaptor on the other desktop and laptop. Am I thinking along the right lines, can it be this simple? He will not want to extract files or folders etc from one system to the other if he can its a bonus ( and will also confuse him) Thanks in advance, Prof.

  Tim1964 19:29 06 Jun 2006

A wireless modem router (usually) comes with 4 ports so that up to 4 PCs can be connected by cables. Ideal in this case as the desktops are close together. The lappy can then be connected wirelessly via PCMCIA card.

As long as the modem is an ADSL modem/router then any make will work with the BT phoneline.

Most major brands even do 'bundles' of routers and cards sold together.

Stick with the known names, Linksys/Belkin/Netgear etc and you can't go wrong.

Good luck.

  Newuser2 21:32 06 Jun 2006

The belkin site has a wizard were you can see exactly what you need.

  ade.h 23:07 06 Jun 2006

click here
Buy this with one extra Ethernet patch - Ebuyer's own will be fine - and that'll be all that you need in one box (ish). I have used this model before (set one up at my neighbour's place this week) and it is very good. I like 3Com kit, especially at this price!

  josie mayhem 23:38 06 Jun 2006

I know at the moment that pcworld have a good priced wireless broadband and router that has a wireles printer share inbuilt, this can be dard wired to the the two desktops, and a adtaper for the laptop and not only can he share the broadband but also network and use one printer from what ever the computer without having to have one turned on.

I wouldn't recommend the voyager 2091, it will do the trick of running broadband and network, but the only problem with it, it has one ethernet and one usb connection even though it can support up to 10 wireless conection. I have this router/adls and it works very well with my other two computers using bilken wireless adatpers @ £24.99 for a usb and a lappy adapter..

P.S I think the router/adls with printer was actualy a bilkin make...

  terryf 23:44 06 Jun 2006

My netgear router has given no trouble since I bought it and connecting my 2 computers was easy with XP

  woodchip 00:09 07 Jun 2006

I have the same setup but one of the Desktops is 98se. I use a 3Com Wireless Firewall Router Modem

I use this click here both desktops are just connected with Ethernet Cables. And I have a 3Com USB Dongle for the Laptop

  User-324448 09:04 07 Jun 2006

Brilliant response I have printed all your replys out and will try to absorb the answers. Thanks for helping a greybeard to help another. Prof

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