What hardware is failing my pc?

  Underfree22 20:36 05 Dec 2016

Okay so I recently installed a fresh copy of windows 8.1, wiping all other data on my pc. The reason is because my pc was getting slower and slower and i wanted to determine if it's a hardware or software problem. To my suprice the problems did not dissapear after installing a new windows, they got worse. I was using Windows 8.1 before re-inatalling another windows 8.1 So here's the deal: I ran a program that tests my PC health status (CrystalDiskInfo) and it said Pc health status: Caution. I also managed to ensure my PC is not overheating. However, processes like system.exe are always taking a huge chunk of my CPU usage, and this is after i re-installed my windows and got absolutely no other data on the PC. That makes it slower then it should be. Here's another problem: Every now and then my PC freezes. By freeze i mean the following: Display gets stuck, mouse stops working, keyboard stops working, sound(if there is sound at the moment) starts making like a buzzing noice. Even the power button does not turn it off so the only way is to unplug it. From the things i described could anyone speculate what piece of my hardware is causing the problem? Only my video card is quite old, the other parts of my PC are in very good shape. Can the video card alone make all this trouble?

  Govan1x 21:23 05 Dec 2016

Where did you download CrystalDiskInfo from. Have you downloaded all windows updates and have you checker Device manager for yellow exclamation marks.

Looks like system.exe is more likely to be a Virus so maybe give Malwarebytes a run to see if it finds any problems.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:32 06 Dec 2016

......my PC health status (CrystalDiskInfo) and it said Pc health status: Caution.

What exactly was it referring to? If it was the hard drive then that could account for the poor performance you're experiencing.

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