What hard drive is better ?

  jack1988 11:36 22 Dec 2012

Western digital caviar black or Seagate barracuda ?

  northumbria61 13:05 22 Dec 2012

It is down to personal preference. Both are leading manufacturers of Hard Drives. I have 2 hard drives in my PC - one main drive and the other one I clone to. One is Seagate and the other is Western Digital. To answer your query, which is better - I personally don't find any difference, but I am sure there are others who do.

  lotvic 13:21 22 Dec 2012

I found myself in same quandary last month. Finally got fed up trying to decide and chose WD (bought three 1TB drives) as I had an old one still going strong that had outlasted a seagate, haven't had a problem with new drives so far, not noisy or anything.

My decision did not have any logic to it as todays drives are made in different factories and countries than my old drives were.

One point to check up on, is if WD drives will fit into those Docking Stations, I seem to remember that there are some that don't because of the placement of the pins on back of hard drive.

  cream. 15:06 22 Dec 2012

For performance get the one with the fastest rotation speed and largest cache.

If you want to go in depth look at the latest charts


  JayDay 15:39 22 Dec 2012

I've owned both brands in the past and find no difference between them.

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