what happens when pc brakes!

  chickabookins 20:34 03 Aug 2008

heya, can anyone tell me what happens when your pc tower dies on you, do i loose everything on it and i mean everything so all my pics music websites im regisitered with etc...? and could i just buy a new tower or is there a way of transfering everything as ive had my computer for 3 years but wondered when do they usualy give up on you as i wana know just incase it happens in few years or something
many thanks sam

  DieSse 20:44 03 Aug 2008

"....do i loose everything on it..."

Only if the hard disc drive inside it has failed.

You guard against losing what's on your computer by making backups.

The best and simplest method of making backups is by buying an external hard drive - for example :-

click here

loads of others available almost everywhere.

PLUS a program to do the backing up - one of the best is

click here

  DieSse 20:44 03 Aug 2008

PS - don't wait - it could happen tomorrow - even on a new computer!

  MarvintheAndroid 21:34 03 Aug 2008

Agree. I wonder how many visits to the PC Advisor forum could be avoided by having a recent system backup. Not that we don't want to hear from you, of course....


  LAP 10:07 04 Aug 2008

I keep everything updated on a 500gb external hardrive. I learned the hard way and lost some very important photos

  jack 10:30 04 Aug 2008

The 'tower' of course contains many components.
any one of which can 'Go Down' at any time.
So the advice to back up is crucial should it be the Harddrive that has failed.
However - The Power Supply, The Mother Board, the Processors the optical drives all can go down, and be replaced, without affecting the contents of the Hard drive[ your music and images etc.,]
So back up preferable with an exernal hard drive or simply make CD/DVD's of vital images/music from time to time.
Then you are covered.

  tullie 11:27 04 Aug 2008

Best with a slow PC,then if it does 'Brake',nothing inside gets thrown forward.

  crosstrainer 11:41 04 Aug 2008

.....Now now, (funny 'though) :))

  lotvic 12:35 04 Aug 2008

Back Up before the Brakes break and park your Data on a different Drive

(I'll get my coat :))

  crosstrainer 16:38 04 Aug 2008

Shame on you :)

  lotvic 20:08 04 Aug 2008

hangs head in shame ;(

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