what is happening to my pc!

  NathanBailey2000 01:10 27 Dec 2016

click here this problem happens all the time. in this scenario, it happened when i alt tabbed out of GTA 5. It first started when i was playing ARK: Survival Evolved, i was just playing normally and then suddenly all my audio cuts out and this wierd cutting noise starts happening. all my computer starts to lag completly, it only fixes itself when i restart my computer and everything runs fine again. I dont really know how to make this glitch happen. it has happened before when i pause a youtube video, it just starts to lag, or even when i jumped in a game, the whole pc dies and it is really frustrating. from the video all my computer seems to be fine. decent internet, cpu and ram usage, i demenstrate that youtube wont even work but i can browse a website easily. sometimes though the whole computer lags and i cant even move my mouse, just need to restart it by actually turning the PC off from the power button. any help appreciated i cant find any other way to describe this problem lol.

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