What is happening with Internet Explorer 8?

  Garawa 16:42 09 Jun 2011

I have read that many people have been having problems with this and it seems to have occured since IE9 came out! As I have XP, I cannot download IE9 and I wish to get IE sorted so please, no use Firefox instead answers!!!

IE8 has become incredibly slow all of a sudden. Prefetch and temp files have all been deleted but it cannot cope with simple tasks without locking up. Every search sends the CPU usuage to almost 90%. Tiny pictures and thumbnails take an age to load. The green progress bar goes straight to "done" and then gets stuck on practically nothing. Even loading the next page on a message board is enough to freeze it for a minute or 2. Now Google street view is unusable.

None of these issues accur when using Firefox so it has to be an IE issue but I prefer IE so I would like to rectify it however I have read so many different responses where NONE worked, I thought I would try here.

Anyone else had this? Microsoft can't have deliberately made it unusable to make people upgrade!!!!

  birdface 16:59 09 Jun 2011

Have you ran any of your anti-malware security program.

I/E8 is running very slow at the moment on the PCA Site.

So you are not the only one having problems.

Firefox is not much better just now either.

You have not got a different Host file downloaded have you.

i used to have this one.link text

I was having the same problem as yourself and after trying just about everything I removed the Host file, and everything is fast on IE8 now.

  Garawa 19:23 09 Jun 2011

NIS2011 and the anti-spyware software suggest everything is clean. Firefox seems ten times faster when a few months ago there wasn't much in it.

Host file is a new one on me, not something I've come across before. After a little read, I will look out at clearing out the DNS and see if that does anything. After a few years I would imagine that has got a bit cluttered!

  Garawa 19:37 09 Jun 2011

Well, I've never flush my dns (ooh err) before and IE is definitely much faster and is not sticking. Google Street View still shows as black but I can use Firefox to browse that so all in all happy that it is much better thanks.

(Not sure about all the first bit of that webpage though but this will do for the time being!)

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