What happened to Free Broadband

  Audeal 01:39 09 Dec 2003

Some of you may remember last year a discussion about a company trying to start up a free broadband system.
click here

Their website is not available. So I was wondering if anyone knew if (when?) they went under. I guess they could not get the interest of the masses. Does anyone know what happened to them. I'm just curious thats all.

  Djohn 01:47 09 Dec 2003

Morning Audeal, I never heard any more from them either, didn't receive any spam or increase in mail at all. Just had the one email saying they had received my request, they had registered me and would be in touch. j.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:24 09 Dec 2003

You do not need to be Randolph Hearst to work out that this gormless idea was doomed from the start. I assume that they were hoping that the tooth fairy was going to cough up the enormous running costs. As most people seem to regard advertising as the work of Satan (and his impish hordes)I also feel that this would have not been a terribly good idea.

A cynic is the name an idealist give to a realist.


  mole44 08:02 09 Dec 2003

i don`t pay for a T1 connection,but there again its paid for by being at work,lol.

  Stuartli 08:24 09 Dec 2003

Its website click here still has links (to some dubious operators) but nothing else....

GANDALF <|:-)> is right on the ball as for most of the time.

  Audeal 11:49 09 Dec 2003

Which goes to show, you can fool some people most of the time, but not PC Advisor Forum Users. My name is Alec, Smart Alec.

  Dipso 21:23 09 Dec 2003

Yeah but only if you take out Life Insurance!

I got a few newsletters from them but the last one basically said, if i didn't sign up for Life Insurance with the recommended company, I had no chance of getting Free BB (like I had anyway!)


Free BB continues to grow and is progressing well. We still need more pre-registered members, but are pleased with the level of interest, particularly as we have yet to commence an
advertising campaign.

If you know someone else who may be interested in this offer please use this form to invite them to take a look.

Two weeks ago we introduced you to a site offering the opportunity to save money on Life Assurance. We were disappointed to learn that less than 1% of you expressed any interest in this site. We realise that this kind of offer will not appeal to everyone - however, unless more members take advantage of our linked sites and offers, we will be unable to support a free Broadband service.

It is our intention to provide links to a number of sites offering a variety of products and services - and in time there will be something for everyone. However, we do need to attract only those members that will, where possible, take advantage of the products and services we advertise. We are not asking you to spend more, 'new money', but rather to divert existing
expenditure on everyday products and services to those that we recommend, where they are competitive.

As such, we would ask you to consider whether you are indeed open to learning about such offers and also prepared to 'bite the bullet' when a saving or improved service is identified. If the answer is no, then you may prefer to de-register for our offering and sign up for a traditional broadband facility.

We have three sites for you to look at this week - please spare some time to browse them today :

Save up to £5,196

We are repeating the link to a site that aims to save you money on your life assurance. In the example given by them, merely choosing the wrong company can mean you pay more than £5,000 extra over the policy term.

Some insurance rates have dropped dramatically over recent years, so it could be possible for you to switch an existing policy and save money each month, or as much as double the level of cover for the same premium. Please help us by
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Bev Harrison


  Audeal 22:44 09 Dec 2003

Well, I guess that says it all then. It must be the same links that are mentioned in you letter that are still on their website.

It would seem rath silly for anybody to think that people would go along with such a hairbrained project such as this, especially when so many people are so fed up with all the advertising and Spam being thrown at them every day of the week.

I still can't understand where this so called "Discount" comes from.

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