what happened to CRT monitors / LCD's as good ?

  bazbazbaz 18:31 09 Oct 2006

I don't really keep up to date on stuff until it needs replacing but I'm sure it was only several months ago I read in pc advisor or similar magazine that CRT monitors, although large & heavy, are still cheaper and superior to LCD monitors but now I've started looking they seem hard to find.
I suppose it's immaterial since they seem to have been superceded but can I get an LCD as good as my trinitron monitor?

  sean-278262 18:50 09 Oct 2006

I wouldnt say so. They are good dont get me wrong. I love my Acer laptops TFT however I have it hooked to a 5year old Lite on CRT monitor and the CRT is brighter, more colourful, I can view it from any angle and to be honest easier on the eyes.

  anskyber 19:03 09 Oct 2006

I always say go and have a look. The best are excellent, certainly mine are bright and colourful, I would not be without them and the space saving is significant.

Its interesting that for TVs some manufacturers are going out of CRT. But its your judgement, they may not suit everyone, only you can tell when you see for yourself.

  bazbazbaz 15:32 10 Oct 2006

thanks for the replies, my monitor started acting up and so quickly checked some sites for prices and there were few if any CRT, was in a bit of a panic to find something with good reviews before it gave out and I could no longer check :) still going for the moment though

so Creature LCDs don't look so good unless you're looking directly at them?

  Lettervanman 15:59 10 Oct 2006

I am happy with my LCD,and unless you have a CRT next to it you won't see the difference.
It is true that viewing from an angle is not so good but this is more of a problem with a LCD TV.
An LCD will use less power if you want to go down the "green" route!

  Peants68 22:21 10 Oct 2006

CRTs are heavy to move, take up space and use three times more power. Flat panel CRTs give excellent viewing angle and for photo editing are superior. However they are yesterday's technology and give off more radiation.

LCD 17inch is a full 17 but a CRT 17inch is in fact 16.

  Totally-braindead 22:32 10 Oct 2006

I have to agree that a good quality CRT will beat a TFT but I had a fairly cheap CRT before and my TFT image is far superior to what I got with that.
To be honest with you now I've moved away from CRTs I wouldn't move back. Only advice I do have is go see for yourself. PC World usually have a decent enough range on display. See what you like.

  woodchip 22:38 10 Oct 2006

Both my Desktops are Crt's I do Have a Laptop but like my Crt 19ins and 17ins

  theDarkness 22:48 10 Oct 2006

i just wonder what possible future technology is around the corner to beat the albeit minimum amount, of shortcomings of LCD? Ive still got my Fujitsu CRT, although I have to admit its getting on a bit now (screen has started to occassionally 'twitch' and will no doubt turn off for good at some point in the near future) :( or maybe its just my video drivers in xp :( lol

LCD will no doubt be around for a fair while yet considering power usage and light weight, but I do think we'll be looking out for the next bigger and better option- ive seen a few screens with the popular 'dead pixel' issue-aaargh! that would annoy me a little. Or was this only a problem with the first batch of LCD screens on the market and not so much now? This seems to fix the problem.. although not sure if its a permanent fix- :O
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