What graphics card should i get?

  NonStopS4XY 18:22 12 May 2017

Hello, i currently have a Gtx 750ti graphics card for my computer and looking for an upgrade, what would you guys suggest?

My PC: AMD Fx(tm) - 6350 six core processor 8gig ram windows 10


  Archonar 12:48 13 May 2017

Depends how much you want to spend, what you use it for.. We need to know these things before we can make a recommendation

  NonStopS4XY 18:14 13 May 2017

hi Archonar, under £300 and mainly use it to play games like gta and such

  Archonar 08:55 15 May 2017

I would recommend a 1060 6gb, within your budget and I can say from experience that it will run GTA and similar games well at high graphics.

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